Alternativo en Español

Jarabe De Palo "Y Ahora Que Hacemos" KSJS Album Parody-Recreation // Photo taken by Shiva Khales and graphic design by Alex Maldonado


Currently 90.5 KSJS is one of the few stations- if not, the only station- playing the music format of Alternativo en Español throughout San Jose. The name “Alternativo en Español” is an umbrella term used to express other forms of musical genres that are not currently being played in the Bay Area. Under this music department you will find a little of everything. Our music library contains music from local, national, and international artists. Genres within Alternativo include (but not limited to): ska, reggae, punk, rock, electronic, pop, indie, urban, metal, cumbia, and folk.


Artists Currently in On-Air Rotation

Julieta y los Espiritus  Charlie Rodd  Mana  Raquel SofiaEstereotypo  Ximena Sarinana   LoCura   Durazno Bajocielo  Kaay   Porter  Bomba Estereo

Listen to your favorite alternativo show for a chance to win!

                    Juanes -Loco De Amor Tour  Hector Guerra- Gracias por Existir USA Tour