Keepin’ It 100

CoverOpen University Presents. C-note- “Keepin it 100″ features Album features all original tracks produced by C-note with appearances from Apakalips, IQ, Nordy Derk, I Sheik (Revolution of the Mind), Free Fall Crew, Solis Cin, Oneself DaVinci, Ikaika Da Strong, IL Twice, Matty Slims, Amadeuz Christ, Anya, Dem one, Sub Ren, Sean Blak, Opski Chan, Rey Resurreccion, Koncept (Brown Bag All Stars), Tantrum & Dirtbag Dan, as well as cuts from WIsh-One of Sub Ren & DJ Worldwise. It includes singles “Summertime” feat. Rey Resurreccion, Matty Slims & Anya & “The call” feat. Revolution of the Mind & Free Fall Crew.


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