The Rock Hop (April 21st 2012)

Rockhop042112 Digital

This past Saturday – Record Store Day took place.

In celebration of the day The Rock Hop, a themed music show series started by two local bands – Picture Atlantic and Please Do Not Fight, hosted a “Record Swap” theme at SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery in downtown San Jose.

For this show – the audience was required to bring in their own mix CD (10 tracks minimum) to trade for a random mix in return. Four bands played for the night – Please Do Not Fight, Rin Tin Tiger, Cold Eskimo, and Eager Eyes. In addition, vinyl was brought to be played in between band sets by KSJS’s Blacklight Findings.

Pictures for the event were taken by Skeleton Key Photography and JRSD Photography. Take a look below at both links.

Rock Hop photos by JRSD Photography

Rock Hop photos by Skeleton Key Photography

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