Bassnectar “VAVA VOOM”

Bassnectar returns with another Hip Hop infused bass heavy album that Bassnectar is known for. Empathy is a slower dubstep song with female vocals, Ugly delves into drumstep near the end, Ping Pong is really interesting to hear how he samples such mundane noises such as a ping pong ball bouncing and how he develops that into a full length song.
Fun Fact: Bassnectar will be at the Event Center on the San Jose State University campus. For more information check out HERE.
[soundcloud url=”″ height=”200″ iframe=”true” /] 1. Vava Voom Ft. Lupe Fiasco: !!!!
2. Empathy: !!!!
3. Ugly Ft. AMP Live: !!!!
4. Ping Pong:!!!!!
5. What Ft. Jansten:!!!!
6. Pennywise Tribute: !!!!.5
7. Do It Like This Ft. Ill.Gates: !!!!.5
8. Laughter Crescendo [2012 Version]: !!!!
9. Butterfly Ft. Mimi Page: !!!
10. Nothing Has Been Broken Ft. Tina Malia: !!!
11. Chronological Outakes: !

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