Party Preview: Intensity at San Jose Bar and Grill

With a lineup of DJs composed of mostly of KSJS regulars, Intensity turns up the volume every 1st and 3rd Thursday at San Jose Bar & Grill. The Party returns July 5 with Oons, Amy Robbins, Shelboy and Badcat.

David Bogdal, who co-founded the Intensity in March with Alchemy Nightlife, shared some details with us.

When did the party launch?
The 1st & 3rd Thursdays event Intensity originally started on March 15th. Because of the timing we named it “Ecstasy of Gold” and had it St. Patrick’s themed.

What inspired the launch of the party?
A group of friends and I decided we wanted to start running our own events. We were given the opportunity on the Saturday night before. We met up on Sunday morning, decided our promotion name “Alchemy Nightlife” and the name of the party “Intensity.” We then put together the flyer and had only four days to promote. It was such a success and we enjoyed it so much, that we were offered a biweekly opportunity to let our party grow. This is personally my third series of events I’ve been running so I’ve had some previous experience in the ups and downs of throwing events.

Alchemy Nightlife was chosen as the name of our event group for two reasons. Alchemy is an old process/art form of trying to convert other objects into gold. We wanted our party to be that. We want to create a gold standard so to speak of nightlife in San Jose for the EDM community. I’ve been in the Bay Area scene since 2005—raving in SF and Berkeley—and far too often I saw so many party-goers from the South Bay driving one hour each way to get a good dose of EDM. It just wasn’t available in the South Bay. People here didn’t seem to want it. Now that EDM has grown in popularity, we’re very happy to bring the same quality in music and DJs to the South Bay.

Intensity was the name given to our party because we’re not throwing a laid back party. People get prepped, come out, rage, and go home wishing the night never ended.

What can attendees expect?

Attendees, club heads, ravers, and party-goers can expect the latest in greatest in EDM at a venue that has a solid sound system. Not only will you hear great music, but it will be coming out loud and clear. And on top of that, changing themes and musical styles keeps the party changing every time along with drink specials at every event.

The Lineup for Intensity, July 5:

OONS hails from Poland and has a keen ear for that European sound. He started out as a trance and hardstyle/hard house DJ back in 2005 but has since evolved into house, progressive, electro, dubstep, and the occasional drum ‘n bass.

Amy Robbins comes from Maryland and is an electronic radio DJ at 90.5FM KSJS. After being a Gold Rush Cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers she shifted her focus into the club scene, where she channels crazy amounts of energy and a passion for electronic dance music to the audience. Amy has been known to be the life of the party, whether she is behind the tables or on the dance floor.

Shelboy thrives on the energy of a packed dance floor and hard basslines. He is a bass-head who always seems to turn the bass knob to max. His style is a mixture of tech, progressive house, dirty dutch, and electro house.

Badcat is a radio DJ at 90.5FM KSJS and has been running his show “The Meow Mix” on air for nearly two years while winning the award for “Best Electronic Show” multiple times. He has track selection dialed down and is in the know on the latest and upcoming tunes. He spins a blend from complextro into harder styles of electro along with a good dose of dubstep.

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