Interview with Cesar “vampiro” Lopez

Friday night at Senzala Bar in Sunnyvale, CA was the concert of the group Flores Acidas; featuring Cesar “Vampiro” Lopez, the former member of MANA and current member of Jaguares. The concert started the night with DJ RICO spinning for the first two and a half hours as the bands got ready to perform. The show also featured two local bands from the Bay area. As the time for Flores Acidas came, Cesar (guitarist) and Victor (Vocals) were able to spare a few minutes of their time for the interview (the full interview will be aired tues 2am-6am and wed 2pm-6pm). In the interview, DJ Rico and El Rey asked questions such as: Cesar’s experiences with Mana, Jaguares, and now this new group Flores Acidas. When their album will hit stores and What their future holds as a group. So tune in to 90.5 KSJS for more info on the latest interviews, ticket giveaways, and what events you should check out this month!


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