Artist Feature: Hank III

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Entering the family business is a tricky affair. Especially when your family already has a rather notorious reputation. For Hank Williams III, entering the music business was the easy part. His grandfather Hank Williams became a legend through his music despite an early alcohol fueled death at 29 and expulsion from the Grand Ole Opry. His father Hank Jr. carved out his own country rock niche in the 70s and 80s though most recently made headlines for his open opposition to the Obama administration. Tough acts to follow but compared to Hank III, those acts of infamy look downright tame.

Despite a start in his teens, Hank III quickly got bored with country music and branched out of that scene into a more punk, metal, experimental and country hybrid sound. Of course bucking tradition quickly put him at odds with his label and he spent the better part of a decade fighting them through his “Fuck Curb” campaign. This did let get the time to get with stints in bands like Superjoint Ritual, Arson Anthem and 3 Bar Ranch. After finally getting past his legal fights, Hank 3 is able to focus strictly on the music and concluded he has a lot of catching up to do.

With a pair of Bay Area gigs coming up at the Catalyst on August 22nd and the Regency on August 24th, Hank was generous enough to talk his set of experimental records, the future of his label, a few suggestions for fans of alternative country sounds and his influences.


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