CD Review: Manitix

Manitix is a San Jose producer, very active in the San Jose underground EDM scene. He frequently does events, thanks to his ability to not only mix, but produce his own tracks. “Killer” was the first track received by KSJS. Since then, KSJS Electronic has always been interested in what else he can do. In Heavy rotation is a compilation of Manitix current tracks which can be found on his SOUNDCLOUD. His originals are tracks 1-8, his remixes are 9-14. They are mainly hard hitting Electro-House, as well as Dubstep, Grime, Hard-Dance, and Moombah.
[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /] Tracklisting (which is also available on Manitix’s Soundcloud)
1. “I Am Manitix” !!!!
2. “Flashin” !!!!
3. “Killer” !!!!!
4. “I Like It Dirty” !!!!
5. “Toy Gun” !!!
6. Freedom Within !!!!!
7 Bottle Rocket !!!!
8. Rad Times !!!!!
9. Take The Night “Bring This Party Home (Remix)”
10. Labrinth “Last Time (Remix)”
11. Labrinth “Earthquake (Remix)”
12. Cedric Gervais “Molly (Remix)”
13. Pendulum “The Island (Remix)”
14. Peacetreaty “Change (Remix)”

Reviewed by Mike Nasty

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