Rock the Bells Day 2 Photos (Credit DJ Combsy)

Similar to the day before, we arrived super early, in time to see Dom Kennedy start festivities off on the main stage. Just like the previous post with all pics from Day 1, all the photos are taken by DJ Combsy for 90.5FM KSJS/Open University Productions. Please credit him if you wish to use. Also check his work out on instagram and twitter : @DJCOMBSY

Sunday, August 26th, 2012. Dom Kennedy on the Main Stage.

Dsc 7632Dsc 7618Dsc 7646Strong Arm waiting for Zion I + The Grouch + Eligh to start their set on the Paid Dues stage.

Dsc 7680

Crowd at around 2pm watching Zion I + The Grouch + Eligh perform. They put on a great show and set the tone for this stage which was poppin all day.

Murs & Fashawn. Paid Dues Stage. Sunday August 26th, 2012

Dsc 7687

Dsc 7701Fashawn performing  on Paid Dues stage, along with Murs. Fash was spittin!

Dsc 7724

The lawn was goin H.A.M. for Common .

Dsc 7740

Strong Arm & DJ Combsy . AKA #TeamStyrofoam

Dsc 7745

StrongArm, OG Photographee and DJ Combsy taking a break, yet still watching DJ Quik on Paid Dues stage from the LRG booth.

Dsc 7764Dsc 77891Dsc 7791

Dsc 7879

Nas put on an amazing show with his live band. Highlight of the night for us, being able to watch him from the 3rd row.

-StrongArm for 90.5FM KSJS/Open University Productions

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