Sonar Tour Artist: Seth Troxler


Seth Troxler ranked third top DJ in the world according to the Resident Advisor Top 100 DJ Poll. Troxler is infamous for playing amazing House and Technoc beats which always includes vocal blends. His mixes consist of a lot of upbeats, futuristic ominous sounding beats. In his part 1 live set on the 4th of July at Fuse, Brussels he smoothly mixes all the genres he is known for. In his mixes, you can hear and almost feel when anew song is going to be coming up. This mix is special because I usually listen mixes with rises and heavy drops. But this mix stays at almost the same tempo. It is very consistant. You can often hear effects such as reverbs or faders being used to convert to new songs. Also, throughout the mix there is also a constant clap or drum beat to keep the momentum of the mix going. I think that this mix is very chill and I could definitely use this to do homework or just relax. I could imagine hearing this at a hookah lounge because of its chill tempo. You can catch Troxler along with Die Antwoord, Azari & III, Paul Kalkbrenner, and Nic  Fanciulli November 9th at the Fox Theater in Oakland, CA.  They are in town for the Sonar North American Tour. It is an 18 & up event and doors open at 7PM. KSJS Electronic has been giving away tickets for the event and will be gving away more this week! So tune in for your chance to win!!


Reviewed By: Jose Ordaz

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