Meet The KSJS Electronic Department

Last week, the KSJS Electronic Department had a photoshoot with local photographer Andy Blake. Check out the craziness that went down along with a listing of KSJS Electronic shows! For a look at more photos, you can see them on our Fan Page! ENJOY! And long live EDM!


10pm to 2am Not Here “No Show”

2 to 5pm Jaythoven “Jaythoven’s Excellent Overture!”

2 to 6pm Rolldawg “Electronic Dawg House”

6 to 10am Vonnie V “Electronically Energized”
10 to 2pm Good Dog “Off The Leash”
10 to 2am Curly Wurly “Club Curls”

10 to 2pm Amy & Badcat “Meow Mix”
2 to 6pm Bittersweet “Genetically Impossible” & “Soul Lounge”
10 to 2am Special K “The Drop Zone”

2 to 6am Nikki “Disco Katz”
10 to 2am DJ Z “Friday Night Lights”

2 to 6am Mr. Mujah “Insomniac Nation”
10 to 2am The Shamrock “The Shamrock Beat”

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  1. Any chance you could tell me what DJ Vonnie V was playing at 7:58am on Wednesday on KSJS?? I like the song but have no idea how to find it. I’ve heard it before.


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