Curious Quail Stolen Violin Fundraiser


Curious Quail has slowly been growing into a staple band in the developing music scene of San Jose. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, Alan Chen, Curious Quail’s violinist, had his violin stolen in Santa Clara. The total loss of this amounted to $12,000. This includes the violin case, bow, pickups, and other adjustments needed for Alan Chen’s violin, named Charlotte.

To help with the loss Curious Quail is hosting a fundraiser show this Friday at SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery, joined by Paige Noir, Brooke D., and Zen and Girl Named T from the former Please Do Not Fight.

Alongside four local acts performing – there will be prize raffles for $1 per ticket and a special bake sale.

Loosing an instrument or any kind of musical gear is unimaginable – to a certain point (despite the costs that went into them) gear is an extension of the artist themselves. $12,000 is a hefty goal to cover in this case but any little bit that can be contributed will be a huge help.

See Charlotte’s power below – Curious Quail’s Yesterday I Watched The World End






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