Soulful Obsession on “The Raj Mahal”


Last March was an amazing month for local band, Soulful Obsession; they showcased
their unique sound of rock/hip-hop/jazz and were crowned winners of SJSU’s Music
Mayhem talent competition. After their successful week, the band was kind enough to
drop by 90.5 KSJS’s studio for an amazing interview on “The Raj Mahal” — the band’s
FIRST EVER radio interview (and Raj’s own FIRST EVER in-studio interview).


Although a little nervous at first, the band eased into the interview and displayed their outgoing and fun vibe (which you can hear in their music). During the exclusive interview, the band reveals their “destined” formation and how their musical background/ eclectic music preference contribute to their distinct sound, which they label as “R&BEAST” (a blend of soul, jazz, hip-hop, R&B, rock). They discuss their method (a very organic and sometimes accidental process) of creating new music and how Beyonce ultimately influenced their winning performance at Music Mayhem.

Check out their full interview below to find out more about the band and what lies ahead for them,
soon you’ll be “soulfully obsessed” too.


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