Eventos in the Bay Area en espanol

Alternativo Crew

What a great summer we are having! To start the summer, Mago de Oz was crazy good! Juanes played music that had everyone excited! Caifanes, last week, was awesome! Here is the list of the upcoming events In the Alternativo en Espanol world.


Club Rodeo/Rio:

6/21/2013- La castaneda


Vim Furor

6/28/2013- Nazareth

6/29/2013- Noche de Rock

Tex Tex



Brick & Mortar Music Hall (SF)

6/22/2013- Dr. Krapula & Agria

These events are all 18+ If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please visit the alternativo page, or send me a message at arturo@ksjs.org

Here are the links for the facebook alternativo en espanol


Imag0024 Imag0022   Imag0087

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