(Footage) @WestacyEnt & @PrinceHandsome Spittin Live on @StrongArm408’s “Fresh to Death”

“On June 28th, StrongArm (Arman Mahmoudi) hosted a South Bay edition of “Fresh to Death” radio show on 90.5FM KSJS.

At the end of the show, Westacy emcees Ziggy, Yates, The Vandle & That Fool Al and affiliate Nebulous all spit on the mic for an exclusive cypher.

The cypher is cut with segments of Ziggy’s interview from earlier that night. @StrongArm408 @Zidouble408 @Yatesfx @ThatfoolAl @RJ408 @PrinceHandsome @OpenU408 @SturdyPine www.thisisopenuniversity.com www.sturdypine.com Shot/Edited by Allan Maye for Open University/ Sturdy Pine 2013″

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