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There are so many different subgenres of Metal and an endless combination of fusions making it safe to say that the sky is the limit with this music. Folk-metal is a perfect example of that.  Folk-metal has been growing in popularity around the world during the past decade, and though much of this style of music can be credited to having been started by bands such as Led Zeppelin or Manowar (because of their exploration with folk mythology as heard in their songs), bands from the mid 80s to early 90s, like Skyclad or Bathory, really helped pave the way for this subgenre. However, with the origins of folk coming from countries like Switzerland and England, Folk-metal tours predominantly take place on that side of the world. Fortunately, this subgenre has began to widen its fan base in the United States during recent years. On October 5th of this year, I got to see the group Eluveitie play at the Oakland Metro Operahouse.

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Close up of the action.

This would actually be the my second time seeing this group at the same venue, so I somewhat knew what to expect. I remember the first time I saw them in 2012, there was a fair amount of people, but this year it seemed like the Metro was completely full. Also the line to get in was pretty long, which usually can be frustrating, but this time it made me very happy to see that Eluveitie is becoming more and more popular in this part of the world.

The opening acts, TYR and Metsatöll (also folk-metal groups), were enjoyable to watch and really got the audience pumped. During Eluveitie’s set, the crowd got really pumped and it was one of the liveliest nights I have seen at the Metro. They played for about an hour and had an encore in which they played three more songs. I went in and out of the mosh pit and ended up at the very front. The performance exceeded my expectations. I watched seven musicians playing with several diferent instruments such as the guitar, the bass, drums, flutes, gaitas (bagpipe), a mandola and a hurdy gurdy. Watching them all in sync with one another and having fun while performing was an amazing experience. They also have great stage presence with an amazing audience interaction, making their show all the better. And on top of all this, the sounds they make in unison while performing make it a euphoric experience.

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A little meet and greet after the show.

After the show, the band hung around outside the venue and I got the opportunity to talk to most of the members from the show. I asked the guitarist, Ivo Henzi, how it was touring in the U.S as compared to their hometown in Switzerland. He told me that, “although there are bigger crowds in Switzerland, there’s the same energy in the U.S.”

Overall, it was a very fun show to be at and I have definitely made it a tradition to see them every year they’re in town. Like most metal shows, the Eluveitie experience will consist of the option to mosh, head bang or join the “wall of death” as well as watching versatile musicians giving their all.

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