DJ Snoopadelic @ Public Works SF

SAN FRANCISCO- It was a crisp night in the city on October 9th and I was filled with excitement. Snoopadelic, aka the rap icon Snoop Dogg, was performing a DJ set under one of his many aliases at San Francisco’s own Public Works. Had I not seen the line outside, I would’ve easily missed the venue. As I stood in line I could hear the bass of the music echoing all the way out to the front. With every moment I became more ecstatic. After a 15 minute wait in line, I finally made my way into the building.

Not wanting to try and push through the crowd just yet, I made my way up the stairs to the second floor to get a better feel for the place. Instantly I was floored with how amazing the building was. The blue and red lighting set the mood for what was sure to be a party. The upstairs bar and dance floor were filled with people busting a move. There were projection screens showing Snoopadelic behind the ones and twos live from downstairs. He was knocking out song after song, knowing what to play to keep the crowd moving.

After spending some time in the balcony eyeing the main dance floor on the lower level, my date and I decided to head down and go where the real action was. As luck would have it, once we made it downstairs, Snoop began playing “Regulate” by Warren G, one of my favorite cuts. We rush to the floor and just start grooving. Snoopadelic really started to find his zone after that and began playing nothing but 90’s west coast rap and R&B. I loved every minute of it, and from the looks of it, so did everyone else. Not once did I see the crowd stop moving or any one look disappointed by his song selection. At one point it didn’t feel like I was at a club, it felt like I was at a fun house party and Snoopadelic just happened to be the DJ.

Unfortunately like all good things the night had to end and around 2:45am he spun his last song and the lights came on giving us the cue to leave. It was truly an unforgettable experience to say the least. I have to thank the urban department for letting me attend the show. If Snoopadelic ever comes back to the Bay Area, you’ll find me out on there on the dance floor getting down.

Brandy Sotelo

My name is Brandy Sotelo and I’m a transfer student in my junior year, I was born and raised in San Jose. I just joined KSJS this fall. I’m an RTVF major and aspiring KSJS on air DJ and comedic writer. I listen to all genres of music but my main interest is hip hop. When I’m not busy keeping up with my favorite sports teams I love going to concerts, exploring local events and trying new restaurants and bars.



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