Mitchell Lujan Album Review

Mitchell Lujan is a name you will soon start to hear everywhere you go. Mitchell Lujan, a San Jose native, is not only a singer and talented musician, but also a songwriter and producer. He touches all genres of music such as Alternative, R&B, Rock, Soul, Blues and Jazz.

His latest self-produced album, entitled Midtones, was released on August 13th, 2014. Celebrating his wide range use of musical instruments and vocal talents, he delivers a little bit of everything in this 14 track album. Midtones is named in dedication to all things in the middle without direction. Sometimes you need to create your own light at the end of the tunnel.

Mitchell Lujan-Guitar

His track “Let Me Re-Love You” is a soulful, emotional and soothing song that makes you want to slow dance across the floor with your baby. In his track “Real Good” he mixes his R&B vocals with some intricate jazz instrumentals bringing you back to the oldies. Ladies, if you want to be serenaded, sit back and relax with this track.  The track “One in the Same” is a heartfelt, soulful song about how love should be.

Self-expression to Mitchell is just more than getting things off your chest, it’s a passion he shows by leaving his heart on the stage. He encourages his listeners that wherever you are in life, on a clear path or stuck in the middle, you have it in you to motivate yourself to make your dreams a reality.

Essesnce SellersEssence Ruth-Noel Sellers, also known as Lady Ma, is a senior at San Jose State University. She is a Communication Studies major and is minoring in RTVF. She is an aspiring disk jockey. She loves to spend her time doing self-expression activities such as writing poetry/spoken word, dancing, singing and theater arts.



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