Ramen Festival 2014

SAN JOSE- The Ramen Yokocho Festival is a must attend festival for ramen lovers all over the Bay Area who want to try authentic foods. Located at the San Jose Convention Center in the South Hall, hundreds of people came for a chance to taste the original ramen burger and other multiple ramen stands. Each ramen stand had their unique taste of broth and various toppings.

Raman Fest- CrowdEven during the day people lined up to experience this festival despite the heat.

Raman Fest- Closeup Of Noodles

Please, eat me.

Each bite of ramen was mouth watering and refreshing. All the ingredients were fresh and worth eating. Even the broth was something you didn’t want to waste. There was a lot of work put into making such a delicious bowl of goodness. I never knew what was involved in making such glorious food. With multiple workers in each booth, they were able to give everyone what they wanted at a quick turn around rate. The VIP lines gave access to people who paid for it to be able to beat the longer lines.

Raman Fest- Grilling

Workers cooking up the almighty Ramen Burger.

Raman Fest- Inside

A view from the inside.

Not only did this ramen festival have bowls of ramen but the popular ramen burger. The original creator of the ramen burger, Keizo Shimamoto, had his booth giving the option of Original, Spicy or Veggie Ramen Burgers. For a few dollars more you had the option to add cheese, crispy bacon or fried eggs; it was worth trying. Different from a regular burger bun, there is a savory taste as the sauce and patty blend everything together in your mouth.

Raman Fest- Raman Burger

Do you eat Ramen, Punk?

Raman Fest- Serving Food

Employees prepare food.

Located at the Convention Center, there were a lot of tables for visitors to sit at and also to escape the heat. From shirts to soft plush toys, there were many merchandise booths you could purchase memorabilia from.

Raman Fest- Booth 2

Some of the many booths at Ramen Festival.

Raman Fest- Booth 3

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