Propaganda @ SLG Art Boutiki 11/13/14

SAN JOSE, CA- On November 13th, 2014, SLG Art Boutiki & Comic Art Gallery hosted one of the hottest concerts to hit San Jose.  This Christian Hip-Hop concert featured Propaganda along with his openers Swoope, JGivens and DJ Efechto on the 1’s and 2’s. In April 2014, Propaganda released his third album, Crimson Chord. Within the 1st week, Crimson Chord reached #55 on Billboard’s top 200 albums, #8 on Billboard’s hip-hop charts and #2 on Billboard’s gospel chart.

Essence Sellers- Propaganda 2Propaganda working the crowd

The SLG Art Boutiki venue was packed with Christian Hip-Hop lovers, such as myself, from as far as the central valley to Los Angeles. The openers, Swoope and JGivens, warmed the stage up with their popular hits to get everyone pumped and energized. Los Angeles native, Propaganda, lyrically puts together Hip-Hop, R&B and folk music that reaches across the youth and pop culture. His musical topics range from staying accountable and God to standing up boldly for one’s faith, both in word and in one’s life.

Essence Sellers- Propaganda 3DJ Efechto on the 1’s and 2’s.

Propaganda closed out the night by shocking everyone with a surprise appearance by Derek Minor, the newest member of the 1-1-6 Crew, which consists of Lecrae, Tedashii, Trip-Lee, Ben Wa, BJ and E-Young. The night was filled with inspiration, creativity, storytelling and love. At the end of the concert, Propaganda and JGivens had their albums and a wide variety of apparel for sale. They even made time to meet, greet and take pictures with fans! What a blessing they all are for the revolution of Christian Hip-Hop music.

Essesnce SellersEssence Ruth-Noel Sellers, also known as Lady Ma, is a senior at San Jose State University. She is a Communication Studies major and is minoring in RTVF. She is an aspiring disk jockey. She loves to spend her time doing self-expression activities such as writing poetry/spoken word, dancing, singing and theater arts.

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