@Cinequest Movie Review by @Strongarm408: Eightseven (ochentaisiete)


The first film I saw this year was Anahi Hoeneisen & Daniel Andrade’s film set in 1987 centered around the friendship of 3 boys (Pablo, Andres & Juan) and a girl whom they befriend, Carolina. 1987 is a time filled with political and economic turmoil and proves as a nice setting for the drama.  Carolina ends up dating Juan, however has attracted the attention of both Pablo and Juan. The film flashes forward and back to 1987 throughout.



The film is plays out as a coming-of-age story which provides some very interesting context into the lives of these young citizens of Ecuador. The script and cinematography are all top-notch, and the direction is stellar. This is a film that will not only entertain, but allow you to think about the relationships portrayed. The young actors play their parts well. The film poses some very interesting questions about attempting to forgive and move on, as well as the effect of young adult trauma on later portions of adult life. I won’t go too much more into the themes, however this is a film I recommend.


The film is showing 2 more times this week.


THUR Mar 5th – 9pm (Camera 12)

SAT Mar 7th – 930pm (Camera 12)


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