Ghastly visits DJ Jazzy Jay at KSJS 4/17/15

In preparation for #LEDxSJSU April 17th and 18, I sent out a few emails to promoters in the hopes of scoring an interview with a few artists. I was stoked when I heard back from the management for Ghastly, and immediately started planning for our interview.

David, “Ghastly,” arrived at the Event Center and we walked through campus to get to the station around 2:30pm. He told me about his night with Borgore in LA and apologized for his voice being gone. He was wearing a shirt that said “so deep rn,” the ‘rn’ meaning ‘right now,’ and we joked about how our generation is slowly destroying the English language by removing letters from words, making it harder for anyone else to learn our language.

Ledsjsu1Sjsu Led Lineup











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Snapchat: @iamghastly

We talked about his new tattoo…
Ghastly TattooPhoto via Ghastly’s Twitter
We talked about how he came up with his hand gesture…

Ghastly TwitterPhoto via Ghastly’s Twitter

We talked about burning man…

Burningmanphoto via

We talked about his first concert… 
Underoathphoto via tumblr

Ghastly3434 E1429868138838*Our team members are working hard to edit the filmed interview, so we thank you for your patience until the video is uploaded*

Watch the new video for “Crank It” by Ghastly and Mija ft. Lil Jon here:


Listen to more Ghastly here:



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