18 Films To See at @Cinequest Part 1 (March 2nd- March 4th) by @StrongArm408

Cinequest is here again, and your boy StrongArm is attempting to catch as many films while still working 40 hours a week. I will be checking out earlier screenings, mainly, due to my closing shifts at work. Here are some films that are playing during March 2nd- March 4th, that I recommend. I will list all screenings for these films as well so it will go beyond the 4th. I will post more articles for March 5th-8th, and 9th -13th as well.
Let’s get right to it starting with a film that screens in 45 minutes that I will probably miss due to writing this article, lol.

  1. Parabellum (Argentina). 75 min. Directed by Lukas Valenta Rinner . Drama.


Wednesday March 2nd : 2:45pm (Camera 12)

Thursday March 10th: 7:15pm (Camera 12)

Saturday March 12th: 4:30pm (Camera 12)

2. Magallanes (Peru) . 110 min. Directed by Salvador Del Solar. Thriller


Wednesday March 2nd: 4:30pm (Camera 12)

Thursday March 10th: 9:15pm (Camera 12)

Saturday March 12th: 12:00pm (Camera 12)

3. The Memory of Water (La Memoria Del Agua) (Chile). 88 min. Drama.


Wednesday March 2nd: 4:30pm (Camera 12)

Thursday March 10th: 6:30pm (Camera 12)

Saturday March 12th: 4:30pm (Hammer Theater Center)


4. The Wave (Bolgen)  (Norway). 105 min. Directed by Roar Uthuan. Stars Kristoffer Joner (The Revenant). This was Norway’s official submission for foreign film of the year to the oscars.


Wednesday March 2nd: 7:00pm  (SINGLE SCREENING at California Theatre)


5. The Yellow Wallpaper (USA) Directed by Koroush Ahari (Spartan Film Studios). Work-In-Progress screening. This screening allows the director and audience members to interact about the film afterwards. Come support SJSU’s own talented film-makers with another Spartan Film Studios production.


Wednesday March 2nd : 7:00pm (Hammer Theater Center)

Saturday March 12th: 2:00pm (Hammer Theater Center)


6. The Beginning of Time (El Comienzo Del Tiempo) (Mexico). Directed by Bernardo Arellano. Drama


Wednesday March 2nd: 7:00pm (Camera 12)

Thursday March 3rd: 9:30pm (Hammer Theatre Center)

Saturday March 5th: 1:30pm (California Theatre)

Tuesday March 8th: 12:00pm (Camera 12)


7.  Brother (Broer). Belgium. Directed by : Geoffrey Enthoven. 100 Min. Drama/Thriller


Wednesday March 2nd: 9:00pm (Camera 12)

Thursday March 3rd: 9:15pm (Camera 12)

Friday March 4th: 2:30pm (Camera 12)

8. The Sea and the Flying Fish (Iran). Directed by Mehrdad Ghaffarzadeh. 78 minutes. Drama


Thursday March 3rd: 2:00pm

Thursday March 10th: 9:15pm

Saturday March 12th: 11:45am


9. A Decent Man (Nichts Passiert) (Switzerland). 92 min. Drama. Directed by Micha Lewinsky


Thursday March 3rd: 4:15pm (camera 12)

Friday March 11th: 9:30pm (Camera 12)

Saturday March 12th: 2:30pm (California Theatre)

10. My Golden Days (France). 120 min. Drama. Directed by Arnaud Desplechin.





Single Screening:

Thursday March 3rd : 7:30pm (California Theatre).


11. Demimonde (Felvilag) (Hungary). 88 min. Drama. Directed by Attila Szasz.


Thursday March 3rd : 9:30pm

Wednesday March 9th: 9:30pm

Thursday March 10th: 9:00pm

12. Buddy Solitaire (United States).  88 min. Drama/Comedy. Directed by Kuang Lee.


Friday March 4th: 7:30pm (Hammer Theatre Center)

Sunday March 6th: 11:30am (California Theatre)

Thursday March 10th : 5:00pm


13. Creedmoria (United States). 90 min. Comedy/Drama . Directed by Alicia Summer.


Friday March 4th: 7:00pm

Sunday March 6th: 9:00pm

Wdnesday March 9th: 4:30pm


14. Temps (United States). Comedy/Romance. 84 min. Directed by Ryan Sage.


Friday March 4th: 9:30pm (California Theatre)

Sunday March 6th: 12:15pm (Hammer Theatre Center)

Friday March 11th: 4:45pm (Hammer Theatre Center).


15. Viral Viral (United States). 94 min. Comedy. Directed by Taylor Guterson.


Friday March 4th: 9:15 pm (Camera 12)

Sunday March 6th: 10:45am (Camera 12)

Tuesday March 8th: 4:45pm (Camera 12)

16. ToY  (United States). 93 min. Directed by Patrick Chapman.

Friday March 4th: 9:15pm (Camera 12)

Sunday March 6th: 2:00pm (Camera 12)

Tuesday March 8th: 4:45pm (Camera 12)

18. Lost Solace (Canada). 106 min. Thriller/Sci-Fi. Directed by Chris Scheurman.


Friday March 4th: 9:30pm (Camera 12)

Sunday March 6th 9:00pm (Camera 12)

Thursday March 10th 4:45pm (Hammer Theatre Center)


Written by Arman Mahmoudi (StrongArm)

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