Full Throttle Alternativo Weekend

What a great way to welcome Fall than with a jam packed weekend of Alternativo shows. The Bay is growing with Latin Alternative concerts and this past weekend was a testament of that. Friday boasted performances by La Gusana Ciega, Porter, Siddhartha, and Vim Furor in Sunnyvale at Evolution Night Club and Molotov in San Francisco. On Saturday, at Moe’s Alley (Santa Cruz), people danced the night away to musica from Buyepongo and Grupo Fanatsma. And to wrap things up, Sunday ended on a high note with performances by Enrique Bunburry performing at the Civic National Civic in San Jose and Natalia Lafourcade performing at the Fox Theater in Oakland. Being a music aficionado of Latin Alternativo, I found myself at shows on both days: Friday and Saturday. Check out my coverage of Buyepongo and Grupo Fanatsma’s show below!

Moe's Alley Blues Club White Sign With Microphone And Address On It  Outside Patio With Heaters And Christmas Lights  Couples Dancing Inside The Venue  Saxophonist And Guitarist/Singer  Three Performers Playing Percussive Instruments On StageMan Playing Bongo Drum  Band Of Five Men On Stage     Three Men Playing Trumpet, Trombone And Baritone Saxophone  Band Of Seven Men On Stage  Three Band Members PerformingPerformer With Sunglasses Posing For Camera  Three Band Members Performing On Stage

Saturday’s show at Moe’s Alley was an unexpected surprise in many aspects. No time was wasted on the dance floor the moment Buyepongo hit the stage. The LA based band’s infectious rhythms of cumbia, jazz, funk and salsa had the crowd on their feet dancing. Despite being an opening band, Buyepongo performed like the main act. The crowd loved them! In the same fashion, the crowd welcomed Grupo Fantasma to the stage. Austin’s Grammy award winning band played their latest music off their fifth studio album, Problemas. The music was a fusion of todo Latino (cumbia, Tex-Mex, salsa, etc) with a little bit of funk, indie rock, and jazz thrown in between. It was the perfect formula for a dance party. People came to dance and have a good time, and that’s exactly what they got.

Photograph and Story by: Ruben Casas

Student Dj Ruben Casas Standing In Front Of The Ksjs Globe MuralRuben Casas – Alternativo En Español Director

Que rollo! Whats up!

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