End of the Year Urban Awards: Part 3 – Best Music Video, Best New Artist, Producer of the Year & more

Similar to last year, we have asked our DJs and Urban department music heads to select their favorites of this year for 7 different categories. We will be logging the results throughout the next few days in the following parts:


Part 1: Best Album (12.30.16 – AM)

Part 2: Song of the Year (12.30.16- PM)

Part 3: Best Music Video/ Best New Artist/ Best Bay Area Album/Producer of the Year/ Best Live Performance  (12.31.16)


This year was an amazing year musically with artists such as Isaiah Rashad, Mick Jenkins, Schoolboy Q, Anderson.Paak, Mac Miller,  Chance the Rapper all dropping well-received albums, and similarly Bay Area artists Rexx Life Raj, Caleborate, Traxamillion, Elujay, Jetpack Jones & Tone Oliver and others dropping some of their best work yet. Combine these with other notable projects from artists such as Chuuwee & Trizz, Noname, Bas, and countless others, and we realized we had our work cut out for us.  We also witnessed veterans A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Royce Da 5’9, Masta Ace and others dropping projects that exceeded expectations, which were pretty high to begin with. Before we dive into our team’s selections, check out the contributors below:

The Jury


StrongArm (“Fresh to Death”: Sundays 6-10pm)








Abeltron (“The Shark Tank”, Wednesday 6-9pm, “Mind $oup” Wednesday 9-10pm)







Debo (Urban Music Director) (“A Vibe Called West”, Wednesday 10pm – 2am)







LaTOR (Promotions Director) (“The Marauder”, Wednesday 10am – 2pm)







Ghoulboy (KSJS’s jack of all trades, hosts a Jazz show “Kosher Jazz”)






DJ Llama (“The Plug” Thursday 10pm – 2am)








Dee Mobby (“Derick Morales is a quality KSJS’r”)







The Barhemian  (“Stop Drop & Roll” Mondays 6-10am)








James The Butcher (“The Butcher Shop” Sundays 10pm – 2am)







Phinite (“Fiend Feeding Fiends” Tuesdays 10am – 2pm)






Shiva Diva (“The Takeover” Wednesdays 6-10am)








Best Music Video

10. Isaiah Rashad – 4r Da Squaw

Album: The Sun’s Tirade

  • Selected by: LaTOR & Abeltron

9. Ab-Soul – Braille (feat. Bas) 

Album: Do What Thou Wilt.

  • Selected by Abeltron & Shiva Diva.


8. Traxamillion – Days Inn (feat. City Shawn)

Album: The Tech Boom

  • Selected by: Debo & Ghoulboy.

7. Kanye West – Fade

Album: The Life of Pablo

  • Selected by DJ Llama & Shiva Diva

6. Mick Jenkins – Drowning

Album: The Healing Component

  • Selected by StrongArm, Abeltron & Phinite.

5. Anderson.Paak – The Season/Carry Me

Album: Malibu

  • Selected by StrongArm & Shiva Diva

4. Vince Staples – Prima Donna

Album: Prima Donna

  • Selected by LaTOR, Debo & Phinite.

3. Chuuwee & Trizz – Location, Location (feat. Sahtyre)

Album: Amerikka’s Most Blunted 2

  • Selected by: Abeltron, Debo, Ghoulboy & Dee Mobby.

2. Traxamillion – Mood RN (feat. Traxamillion)

Album: The Tech Boom

  • Selected by: Ghoulboy, Shiva Diva, The Barhemian, Dee Mobby & LaTOR.

1. Caleborate – Game Over

Album: 1993.

  • Selected by: Dee Mobby, StrongArm, Ghoulboy, Abeltron & DJ Llama.


Honorable Mentions:

The Internet – Special Affair/Curse (picked by DJ Llama)

Nef the Pharaoh – Say Daat (feat. Philthy Rich) (picked by The Barhemian

Chance the Rapper – Angels (feat. Saba) (picked by StrongArm & Shiva Diva)

Elujay – Flagrant (feat. YMTK) (picked by Dee Mobby)

Mac Miller – Dang! (feat. Anderson.Paak) (picked by Phinite)

A$AP Mob – Money Man/ Put That On My Set (picked by LaTOR)

Mejon – Hatin On Me (feat. The Barhemian) (picked by The Barhemian)

Playboi Carti – What (picked by DJ Llama)

Lil Uzi Vert – You Was Right (picked by Debo)

Duckwrth – Bernal Heights (picked by Ghoulboy)

YMTK – Exotic (picked by Dee Mobby)

The Avalanches – Frankie Sinatra (feat Danny Brown & MF Doom) (picked by Phinite)

Schoolboy Q – By Any Means (picked by LaTOR)

Mistah F.A.B. – Still Feelin It (picked by Debo)

Caleborate – 08 [Carter Flow] (picked by The Barhemian)

Clipping – Air Em Out (picked by Phinite)

YG – Why You Hatin (feat. Drake & Kamaiyah) (picked by The Barhemian)

Boogie – Nigga Needs (picked by StrongArm)

Chance the Rapper – No Problem (feat. 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne) (picked by DJ Llama)



Best New Artist

10. Lazy-Boy

  • Picked by: Debo & The Barhemian


9. Dave East 

  • Picked by LaTOR & Shiva Diva

8. Russ 

  • Picked by Dee Mobby & Shiva Diva

7. Khalid 

  • Picked by StrongArm & Dee Mobby

6. Rayana Jay 

  • Picked by Ghoulboy & DJ Llama.

5. Tobilla Muffin 

  • Picked by Debo & Ghoulboy

4. 6lack 

  • Picked by Ghoulboy, StrongArm & LaTOR

3. Smino 


  • Picked by StrongArm, Abeltron & Ghoulboy


  • Picked by Abeltron, LaTOR, Ghoulboy, Phinite, Shiva Diva

1. Elujay

  • Picked by StrongArm, Abeltron, Debo, LaTOR, Dee Mobby, The Barhemian, Phinite & Shiva Diva (Pretty much all of us!!!)


Honorable Mentions:

  • Noname, Lil Yachty, 21 Savage, Kamaiyah, Larry June, Madeintyo, Khary, Injury Reserve, Innanet James, Lil Yase, Nyck Caution, Dave B., Mayzin, Nova, Tobi Lou & Dame Dolla.

Best Bay Area Album

10. Rayana Jay – Sorry About Last Night


  • Picked by: DJ Llama & Phinite.

9. City Shawn – Merry Thanksgiving

  • Picked by Abeltron & Ghoulboy

8. Zion I – The Labyrinth / Stay Woke Mixtape (w/ Mikos Da Gawd)


[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3928639009 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]
  • Picked by LaTOR / Debo

7. Mistah F.A.B. – Son of a Pimp 2


  • Picked by The Barhemian & Shiva Diva

6. Kamaiyah – A Good Night in the Ghetto


  • Picked by The Barhemian, StrongArm, & DJ Llama

5. Jetpack Jones & Tone Oliver – The Pad


  • Picked by Abeltron, LaTOR, The Barhemian & Phinite

4. Traxamillion – The Tech Boom 


  • Picked by Debo, StrongArm, LaTOR, Ghoulboy & The Barhemian

3. Elujay – Jentrify


  • Picked by Phinite, Abeltron, DJ Llama, Dee Mobby & StrongArm

2. Caleborate – 1993

  • Picked by Dee Mobby, Ghoulboy, DJ Llama, Phinite, Abeltron & StrongArm

1. Rexx Life Raj – Father Figure 

  • Picked by StrongArm, DJ Llama, Shiva Diva, Ghoulboy, Dee Mobby, Phinite & Abeltron.



Producer of the Year

10. Juneonnabeat



  • Produced: Philthy Rich –  “Statue of Liberty” The 22nd Letter – “Throw it On Me”, Joe Blow – “Keep It 1000”, Mozzy – “Love Her More”, Mozzy x Skeme – “For the Bucks”, D-Rek – “Ain’t Into That”, Various tracks off Mozzy’s Mandatory Check including “So 4Real”, “Cold Summer” and more, Lazy-Boy – “In My Hood”, album called Gang Related Siblings w/ Mozzy. J-Stalin – “Officer Don’t Shoot”, Mozzy – “1 Up Top Finna Drop”, Mozzy- “Messy Murder Scenes”
  • Picked by The Barhemian

9. Drew Banga



  • Produced: Kamaiyah – “I’m On”, Marty Grimes – “Animal”, Elujay – “We Don’t Mind”, Elujay – “Onetime!” w/ others, Rayana Jay – “Bad Decisions”, Rexx Life Raj – “Boomin”, “IDK” w/ Mikos Da Gawd as Lil Dads, K.E.L.L.S – Much More, Legendvry – “Praey”, Elujay – “Google Maps”
  • Picked by DJ Llama & Dee Mobby

8. Monte Booker




  • Produced: Smino – “Menu”, Smino’s blkjuptr ep, Mick Jenkins – “Angles” , Bari  – “Jetpakk”, Ravyn Lenae – “Sleep Talking”.
  • Picked by DJ Llama & Abeltron

7. Sango 



  • Produced: Denzel Curry – PURRPOSELY, Mick Jenkins – “Spread Love”, Smino – “blkswn”, Azad Right – “Enough of You” , Dave B. – “Parallel”, Waldo – “Central Station”, Waldo – “Plaques”, Waldo – “Something U Forgot”, Dave B. – “Got It From”, Hours Spent Loving You album w/ Xavier Omar. Tinashe – “Sunburn”, Tinashe – “You Don’t Know Me”.
  • Picked by Abeltron & StrongArm

6. Traxamillion 




  • Produced: The Tech Boom LP, Trap Addict EP, Lazy-Boy – “Rep My Gang”, Mitchy Slick – “Blowin Kush in a Bentley.
  • Picked by Ghoulboy & The Barhemian

5. Chuck Inglish


  • Produced: Ev Zepplin LP w/ Blended Babies, Larry June – “Game For You”, Asher Roth – “Laundry”, The Cool Kids – “Connect Four” & “Running Man”, his own track “WunderLAnd”. Maxo Kream – “Smoke Break”. Maxo Kream – “Spike Lee”.
  • Picked by Debo, StrongArm & Shiva Diva

4. Kaytranada



  • Produced: his own album 99.9%, Goldlink – “Fall In Love” w/ BadBadNotGood, J.K. The Reaper – “Dressed 2 Kill”, Mick Jenkins – “1000 Xans”, Mick Jenkins – “The Artful Dodger”. Mick Jenkins – “Aurora Borealis”, Chance the Rapper – “All Night”, Anderson.Paak – “Lite Weight”, Kali Uchis – “Only Girl”, Mick Jenkins – “Communicate”,
  • Picked by StrongArm, DJ Llama & Abeltron

3. Metro Boomin



  • Produced: Future – “Wicked” w/ Southside, Future – “Purple Reign”, Future & The Weeknd – “Low Life” w/ Ben Billions, Future – Xanny Family w/ Southside, Kanye West – “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 w/ a bunch of others, Kanye West – “Waves”, Kanye West – FML, Kanye West – “Facts”, Nyck Caution – “What’s Understood”, Ty Dolla Sign – “Long Time”, Lil Uzi Vert – “You Was Right”, Drake – “Child’s Play”, Schoolboy Q – “Dope Dealer” w/ Southside, Future – “Who”, Savage Mode LP (21 Savage), DJ Khaled – “Work For It”, couple songs on Gucci Mane’s Woptober LP, Tinashe – “Sacrifices” & “Ride of Your Life”, Gucci Mane & Future – “All Shooters”, Post Malone – “Congratulations”, The Weeknd – “Six Feet Under”, Curren$y – “Fed Ex w/ Don Cannon, Gucci Mane – “Both”. Big Sean – “Bounce Back”.
    •  sdfsdf
  • Picked by The Barhemian, DJ Llama, Debo & LaTOR.

2. Cal-A



  • Produced: “Broke No More”, “Real One”, Caleborate – “Options”, Sahtyre – “Gary Danko”, Caleborate – “The Juice”, Caleborate – “Hold On”, etc.
  • Picked by Ghoulboy, Dee Mobby, Shiva Diva & LaTOR.

1. Mikos Da Gawd



  • Produced: “IDK” w/ Drew Banga as Lil Dads, Rayana Jay – “Sleepy Brown”, “Too Good” and “Nothin to Talk About”, Rexx Life Raj – “On Ice” w/ Ian Mckee & Ekzakt, Zion I – “Saving Souls”, Caleborate – “Kale”, Zion I – “Sauce” + several other tracks off Zion I’s The Labyrinth, Elujay – “Mrs. Jackson”, Azure – “Wonderful”, Adam Vida – “Tomorrow Land”, Elujay – “No Return”.  + instrumental gems like “Circus” and bunch of dope remixes.
  • Picked by Abeltron, Debo, Dee Mobby, DJ Llama, StrongArm & Ghoulboy


Honorable Mentions:

  • DJ Fresh
  • Cardo
  • P-Lo
  • Black Milk
  • AC3 Beats
  • Martin $ky
  • Cisco
  • Space Cadet
  • Southside (of 808 Mafia)
  • Ekzakt

Live Performance of the Year

Juvenile @ Hiero Day 

  • Picked by StrongArm & Debo

Freddie Gibbs @ The New Parrish

  • Picked by Abeltron

Mac Miller @ Fox Theater

  • Picked by LaTOR

Black Milk @ New Parrish

  • Picked by Ghoulboy

Denzel Curry @ New Parrish

  • Picked by DJ Llama



Compiled & Written by StrongArm

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