DJ Latinidad’s Latino Dance Party Review

Dj Latinidad

San Jose, CA—DJ Latinidad’s Latino Dance Party
, hosted by one of San Jose’s most distinguished non-profit organizations, MACLA, has presented an incredibly exciting new interactive play. The diverse storytelling is compelling as it moves you, literally, from one character to another.

Addressing sexuality, drugs, death, race, politics, gender ect. it allows for the audience to connect through multiple strong characters and themes. It is powerfully intimate, yet exhilarating while you join the cast on the dance floor forming invisible bonds with the cast and audience all around you. One thing is for sure, this innovative interactive play will have you dancing to the beat.

Photography and Written by: Vanessa Escamilla


Vanessa Escamilla Staff Writer

Vanessa is an undergraduate student at San José State University studying under the Radio, Television, and Film curriculum. She has composed various scores and is currently the lead sound designer for an indie video game. On her free time, she enjoys traveling and going to concerts.


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