En Concierto: Los Hollywood & Elis Paprika

Monterey, CA – The night began with “Tu Busco”, the lead single of self titled EP by Los Hollywood, a pop rock band from San Diego. Done in all white outfits- the guys wearing white jumpsuits and Heidy Flores, the lead singer, in white overalls-  they were ready to rock out to songs like “no te aguites” to their newly release pop rock single “la ocho”. Although there was a lack of support from the crowd, Los Hollywood performed a great set. In times like these you are reminded that a young band still growing their fan base, the crowd size is not always indicative of their performance because to their surprise they were asked for an encore. And Heidy pleased the crowd with a ranchera; in which,  I’m glad she did, for it highlighted a different side the San Diego rockera.

Being caught up with the music festival craze this summer, its been a minute since I have attended smaller shows like that night. Seeing Elis Paprika take main stage, she reminded me of how intimate and personal this shows can be. With the help of the crowd she celebrated the birthday of the her band mate, she shared an emotional and powerful performance of “Now Girl” dedicated to all missing women in Mexico, and interacted with almost everyone in the audience. Perhaps the cutest thing of the night was hearing and seeing Elis’ overwhelming support of local bands, especially local bands that peruse music in Spanish like Los Hollywood. Like she said,” Ay que apoyar nuestra gente y ser orgulloso de ser Latino.” Having heard of Elis for the very first time that night, I was blown away and the pictures show for it.

Los Hollywood

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Elis Paprika

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Img 95321Ruben Casas – Alternativo En Español Director

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