10 Festival Essentials

Your fam here at KSJS want to make sure those who are enjoying the festival season this year have a fun and safe experience! With all the upcoming festivals like Serenity Gathering, The Untz, Enchanted Forest and so many others; we wanted to help with some of the prepping before you embark on your musical adventure! 


1. ID & Printed out ticket confirmation 

While this may seem like a given, always double check before you leave because you never want to deal with turning around once you realize you forgot. Also make sure to have the name of the buyer on there somewhere, even if you bought your ticket from someone else. Any information that’ll help in a pinch at the entrance will save time and stress! Print it out instead of using your phone. Phones die. Paper doesn’t. 

**If you won your tickets from KSJS, you may be required to pick up your wristband/ticket at the Box Office or a Will Call window. In this case, your ID is crucial, and you may want to allow a few extra minutes for locating the Box Office or ticket booth as it is often tucked away somewhere.

2. Reusable Water Bottle or CamelBak

This is probably one of the most important things to always have no matter where you go. HYDRATION IS KEY! No one wants to pay $5-10 for a water bottle and all festivals should have fountains for drinkable water. Also, you’re helping the environment so it’s a definite win-win!

3. Flashlight or Headlamp

If you’re at a camping festival this is a must! Being able to see at night is essential especially for those late-night bathroom trips…Again, don’t rely on your phone. Phones die, especially after a night of wild selfies and stage dives. 

4. Toilet Paper 

Speaking of bathroom trips… Always remember to bring toilet paper! Trust me, you want to have this when you need it.

5. Baby Wipes

This is in the 10 essentials because sometimes, aka most of the time, things will get dirtier or sweatier than expected. Instead of waiting in long lines to wait for a shower or even paying money to bathe, you can use wet wipes! These are also good for sanitizing your hands and the rest of your funky-self. 

Festival Pic From Serenity Gathering Fb Cover Pics

6. Earplugs

This one goes out to our sensitive listeners and sleep lovers. While earplugs can be great on the dance floor to help protect your hearing, they are also great to have just in case you NEED to sleep… wherever or whenever that may be! 

7. Sunscreen & Sunglasses 

Protection against the harmful effects of the sun can help you enjoy your festival experience longer. It’s simple. No matter where you have fun, protect yourself against the sun! 

8. Luggage Lock 

For those camping and worried about thieves: worry not! A simple luggage lock can deter any mediocre vibe killer. The locks with letter or number combinations are recommended so no keys are lost in the process. 

9. Blanket 

While certain festivals may be out in hot environments, those places usually get cold at night. Make sure to bring some extra layers just in case so you’re comfortable no matter the temperature. Better to have too many layers than not enough.

10. Good vibes! 

Our last essential for the festival season… You never know who you can meet at these events so make sure to spread good vibes to all those you meet <3



Looking for some new electronic vibes before heading out to a festival? Tune in to “The Smile High Club” with Demiurg3 every Thursday, 2:00pm to 5:00pm!

(Edited by DEBO — catch her Urban show, “A Vibe Called West,” every Wednesday, 10:00pm to 2:00am!)

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  1. So many great festivals – we are truly blessed to be where we are at!

    One more to mention….

    West Coast Bass Culture Music Festival Campout. 10th year anniversary!
    May 11-14th, 2018

    Dubstep & Electronic music pounding for
    4 days; camp under the canopy of the forest.

    Food vendors & restaurant on site at the Belden Town Resort.

    A unique tribal gathering event to express your creative side & dance till dawn.


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