Serenity Gathering – Interview with Zion I, Photos, & Playlist

If you didn’t get a chance to listen to DEBO on her show, “A Vibe Called West” last week, but you’re missing #festivallife just as much as we are, we’ve got good news – the #SerenityGathering recap and interview with the world famous Zumbi (of Zion I) is now on streaming on SoundCloud.

Favorite quotes from Zumbi during this interview:

“find a pocket where I fit”

“channel energy through a different format”

“vibe, create, and represent who I am”

We also curated a “Road to Serenity” playlist which doubles as a “Missing Serenity” playlist. For whatever mood you’re in – this is the vibe. Listen now or listen later. Made by DJ Demiurg3 – Live on The Smile High Club every Thursday 2-5pm.

And lastly, a few shots from our favorite Serenity Gathering moments <3

Img 1169
Pure Powers @purepowersmusic / photo by DEBO
20180508 105121
Zumbi (of Zion I) @zion_i_crew / photo by DEBO
Img 1393
Tsuruda brb Great Dane @_tsuruda_ @grrrreatdane / photo by DEBO

Plus Ganja Yoga, Killer Quesadillas, #ThirdEyePineCones, wonderful weather, amazing vibes, and non-stop music.

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