5 Underrated Artists You Should Catch at @NNMFestival

Are you pumped for the 6th annual Northern Night Music Festival? With all the anticipation and pre-festival worries: What will I wear? What’s the weather going to be like? Will my boss approve the days off? Will my friends and I all get a camping spot next to each other? Will there be traffic? Not to mention – all the actual adult-responsibilities we have leading up to the event – needless to say, we’re hype.

Excitement aside – let’s not forget about the music. We all know (and love) the headliners, but at KSJS, we really go hard for the underrated artists. We made a list of our top five under-the-radar artists you need to check out.

Psy Fi

Back from the forward thinking future, Psy Fi unleashes unfamiliar yet mesmerizing music for those looking to get lost in a new realm of space and sound. Creating an inter-dimensional rift with his high-energy futuristic style, Psy Fi gives listeners an electronically infused ride through the audible spectrum. Offering a mixture of psy-trance and trap, this seasoned artist will have nothing but the best tunes to send you to another reality.


From the Chico music scene, snuffy emerges as an unstoppable duo pushing the newest and bassy-ist of original catalogues. Using the negative space to their advantage, these heavy hitters release dark, experimental bass tunes to melt your face off and leave you drippin in the meantime. The two also help curate one of the newest online collectives, Good Nature Collective, bringing the weirdest sounds to the bass music scene.

Yungg Trip

Delve into some futuristic dancehall vibes with Yungg Trip as inspires those listening to start moving instantly. From the dance floor to the Caribbean, Yung Tripp will get you sweating. With electronic influenced beats that range from trap, future bass, moombahton, reggae and dancehall, the musical versatility of this artist is impressively vast making for any set to be a unique experience.

Grand Tapestry

Traditional Indian instruments meet classic hip-hop lyricism in the trio: Grand Tapestry. They consider themselves synchronously ancient and modern, while combining unique acoustic sounds and powerful lyrics. Get ready to move – mentally, physically, or emotionally – with the charged vibes and elevated frequencies of this iconic threesome.

Jason Burruss

Bringing the soulful, deep house and ambient tunes; Jason Burruss is sure to satisfy the most sultry festival-goers with seductive sounds. From upbeat to downtempo the mood is palpable when Jason Burruss is on the decks. Bringing the right amount of bass and melodies, he sends listeners through an resounding dreamscape to captivate the imagination.

Need something a little more tangible to hold you over ’til Norther Nights? Check out the official Road to Northern Nights pre-party featuring Haywire at the Mezzanine in San Francisco tomorrow night. We’ll see you in the Emerald Triangle.

Written & curated by: Demiurg3 (live on The Smile High Club every Thursday 2-5pm) & DEBO (www.avibecalledwest.com)

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