The Electronic Department indulges in Virtual Self

The Electronic Department had quite the experience at Virtual Self’s Utopia Tour. The tour made its stop at San Jose’s City National Civic on September 27 — check out their thoughts below!

Photo by Emily Dunn

Ever wondered what it’s like to time travel? Attend a Virtual Self concert. Formerly known as Porter Robinson, Virtual Self takes you on a journey full of trance, hard techno, drum and bass. He stands on a stage full of blue, purple and pink hues. His set peaked during his most recognized songs “Ghost Voices” and “EON Break,” but every one of his songs are just as enjoyable. Some may argue that they prefer him performing as Porter, but in my opinion, both exemplary. Virtual Self’s graphics are full of flamboyant life and can easily have its audiences ‘lost in the sauce.’ I highly recommend attending a Virtual Self concert at least once before you die because you will ultimately not regret it, as well as be able to say that you have seen Porter AND Virtual (well, if you have seen both before). Many people think they are two separate people, and although their music is quite different, they “both” share an amazing amount of talent that will take you on a journey unlike any other. -Emily Dunn

Photo by Emily Dunn

If I were to describe Virtual Self in one word, it would be “nostalgic”. Not knowing what genre of music he produces, I had no expectations of what the performance was going to be like. As soon as the set started, I knew that it was going to be a memorable show. Virtual Self not only knows how to get the crowd going, but how to organize the songs in his set to create a rollercoaster of emotions for his audience to ride on. The whole event catered to everyone, from the younger fans who are new to the electronic music scene to the more veteran fan base that has known and witnessed the scene grow. Long time listeners of the genre were thrust back into the past by the distinct old school sounds and instruments that were popular in the scene in the early 2000s. Meanwhile, the fresher ears who were used to the sound of his previous pseudonym, Porter Robinson, got to hear a different side of EDM that was thought to have been done with. Virtual Self has done a fantastic job of combining the new with the old and because of that, I feel that his show was one of the most memorable performances I have ever been to. –Son Pham


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