The Electronic team savors Seven Lions

Img 0981 1 1Seven Lions took the Catalyst by storm on October 3. He stopped by Santa Cruz on his The Journey II Tour with support from MitiS, Jason Ross and Au5. Scroll down to read what our team thought!

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Photo by Emily Dunn

If you love Jesus (and/or Jesus look-a-likes) and EDM, then Seven Lions is the performer for you.

Most famously known for his hits “Strangers,” “Oceans,” “Rush Over Me,” “Freesol” and “After Dark,” he is the epitome of “EDM Jesus” with his majestic long hair.

Seven Lions — also known as Jess Montalvo — perfectly blends trance and dubstep music together.

I always knew I liked Seven Lions, but little did I know that I would walk out of that concert completely WOW’ed.

I assumed that every song he played would be “simpy” and slow, as well as get me in my feels, but he most definitely proved me wrong and threw down some amazing mixes.

Seven Lions is truly talented because no matter how many different genres his audiences enjoy, he manages to incorporate them all and leave everyone speechless and satisfied with the money they paid to attend his show.

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Photo by Emily Dunn

I have many favorite EDM artists, because there are so many talented individuals, but Seven Lions is now officially in my top 5 favorites and I would recommend him to anyone trying to attend their first or even hundredth EDM show before they die. -Emily Dunn

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