9 Pro Tips to Enhance Your SJSU Experience

We love SJSU. We’ve been here a few years, and we’ve made some lovely friends and memories along the way.

Aside from learning career-jumpstarting skills, we’ve discovered some tips and tricks that have made our lives at SJSU that much better.

Here’s what we wish we knew when we started attending San Jose State.

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Need some live music in the middle of the week?

On Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Music Building Concert Hall, 12:30-1:15pm, the Music Department hosts weekly Listening Hours!

These free concerts feature a variety of talented students and ensembles, whether it’s opera, jazz, ska or something else entirely!

Check the semester lineup here. -K-3PO (third-year student)


Is your immune system starting to give up on you?

Visit the Student Health Center!

It is FREE (Yes, I said FREE) to visit and can nearly save you depending on what’s going on with your health.

If it’s your first time using its services all you need to do is to complete the required registration forms in the “Forms” section online, but this can also be done in person.

All you need is your student ID at every visit, and your needs can be easily taken care of. -Emily Dunn (third-year student)


Are you struggling in any of your classes and not looking to pay for a tutor?

SJSU Peer Connections Program offers tutoring for free.

All you need to do is call and make an appointment or walk in and make one.

They also offer graduation workshops that are extremely helpful. -Emily Dunn (third-year student)

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Looking for a quiet place to study?

The SJSU MLK Library offers FREE study rooms for students, which is perfect for small or large groups.

All you need to do is book a week in advance for the best time slots convenient for you.

You can only reserve one hour at a time, but if there’s multiple of you, you can have it for as many hours as there are people in the group. -Emily Dunn (third-year student)


Is there a way to get Scantrons for free?


There are several places on campus that give them away for free.

You can check the A.S. Print Shop, the A.S. House, or Transportation Solutions.

Some of these places don’t have just the long green kind, they might also have the green book or the blue scantrons as well.

Just walk around and explore campus when you have time, definitely don’t wait till the day of your test.

Around finals time, there are a few tables set up around campus that have plenty of them for you to take, so take advantage! -Isabelle B. (fifth-year student)

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The A.S. House

Visit your major advisor ASAP. Seriously. Go meet with them. Right now.

Some majors will place a hold on your class registration for next semester if you don’t make an appointment with your advisor.

As the semester goes on, more people remember they need these appointments, and then it gets hard to make an appointment because there is limited space.

And then you get a hold on your registration.

And then you don’t get the classes you want/need to graduate.

This doesn’t apply to every major and college. But avoid this vicious cycle and check! -K-3PO (third-year student)


Got class during rush hours?

The Park & Ride Lot provides 800 additional spaces for students who are in need of parking during peak hours!

Located on 1281 S. 7th St. -Philip Laquian (third-year student)


Are you tired of spending money on parking?

Motorcycle parking is FREE on the streets surrounding SJSU, and it is quite frankly the best parking on campus.

So stop paying for parking, all you need is a motorcycle. -Emily Dunn (third-year student)

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Looking to unwind from all your schoolwork?

Cafe Stritch is a jazz bar located in downtown San Jose that hosts free live performances from Wednesday through Sunday nights by local artists and musicians.

They have a good selection of food and beverages on their menu to get your grub on while you enjoy the performances.

So whether you’re trying to get away from your school work throughout the week or simply a night out near campus, Cafe Stritch is the place to go.

Located on 374 S 1st St. -Philip Laquian (third-year student)


Did we miss anything? Comment your own pro tips below!

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  1. For those students 21 years and older, the happy hour at McCormick and Schmick’s on Market Street has amazing food deals for the hungry student. Especially noteworthy is their regular cheeseburger and fries for only $5!!! If you’re looking for a classy alternative that won’t bust your budget, this is it. https://menus.mccormickandschmicks.com/MSSJ_happ.pdf

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