Snails Sonically Ensnared Us

Snails hit the City National Civic on October 19. Read the Electronic team’s review below!

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If you’re into extremely hard hard-banging music, then Snails is NOT a concert you want to miss out on.

His openers were Ubur (no, not your Uber driver), Svdden Death (he’s local!!!) and Liquid Stranger, all of which got the crowd movin’ and shakin’.

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When I tell you this concert had bass, I mean that it had BASS. All the artists combined trap and dirty bass to give us a show that no one would or could forget.

I honestly had never even heard of Snails until some of my sorority sisters asked me if I was going to the show, so immediately, I looked him up and started to listen to him to figure out why they liked him so much.

Oh boy did I find out.

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I wished to see one of his show’s while he was in the Bay Area, and lucky for me, I was able to. Not only was I able to attend the show, but I also spent the entire concert on the rail. It was truly an experience I will always remember. The entire crowd was having the time of their lives.

I used to always want to be on the rail at every event, but as I have gotten older, I’ve started to head towards the back or even the balcony because I get really claustrophobic. But for this show, I retired my “old lady” vibes and went back to my old ways.

If you have never been on the rail for a show, you are definitely missing out, because not only do you have space in front of you to actually breathe, but security also gives you water if you are dehydrated.

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The graphics for this show were literally out of this world and tripped everyone out, as well as make us wonder what in the world was even on the screen. His team is insanely creative and imaginative.

I genuinely cannot express how awesome of a show it was, so you’ll just have to see Snails at some point in your life. -Review and photos by Emily Dunn


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