Jauz, not Jaws

The Electronic Department caught Jauz’s show when he came back to the Bay Area last week — check out Emily’s recap below!

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Photo by Emily Dunn

If you’ve ever wanted to truly feel the bass at a concert, then Jauz is 100% an artist you must see.

On November 7, 2018, at The Catalyst Club, I was lucky enough to see him perform for a third time. Jauz is someone who truly does not ever disappoint, and quite possibly might never.

He really knows how to move the crowd, and is very interactive with his audiences. The entire concert felt like one giant party. If you love bass house and/or dubstep, he will easily become one of your favorite DJs.

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Photo by Emily Dunn

There was not one moment where my friends and I wanted to stop dancing, and I am definitely NOT a good dancer. The way he mixes his songs and turns them into something really insane, is so special.

His newest album “The Wise and The Wicked” is full of bangers that can be played at absolutely any event or occasion.

One of my favorites is “In The Zone” because it starts out kind of slow and then once the beat drops, there is a total change in the mood of the crowd.

Although I do really enjoy his new album, some of my favorites are still “Rock The Party,” “Feel The Volume,” and “Gassed Up.” All three of those songs ALWAYS get the crowd to jump around and start mosh pits.

I really enjoyed this event because I did not meet a single person who was rude or aggressive, and everyone had really great vibes which made it an even more meaningful experience. Every single time I would look around, all I could see was a crowd full of smiles.

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Photo by Emily Dunn

My favorite part about concerts is seeing how much an artist can bring random strangers together, and Jauz was definitely successful in doing so. -Emily Dunn

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