12 enjoyable SJSU classes to fulfill GE and elective requirements

Whether you need some more units to qualify for financial aid, you didn’t get into the classes you wanted to, or you’re just looking for some fun and/or easy courses to help you get involved on campus — we’re here to help.

Here are 12 of our favorite San Jose State University classes we’ve taken and recommend to you. They can help you cover your General Education and elective course requirements.


1. KIN 101 – Sport in America

Fulfills GE Area S

This class may interest you if you like sports, as you will study the sociological impact sport has and how it is a reflection of what society values. My professor usually starts the class off with sports highlights to keep the class engaged. In addition, there is only one midterm and I personally found it really easy as the course shares similar themes to an introduction to sociology course I had taken previously. -Aikman Fang

Dsc 0140


2. MAS 10A – Mexican Americans and the Development of U.S. History and Government

Fulfills GE Area D2

Make history a bit more interesting with Professor Gamboa and Professor Covarrubias. This Mexican-American studies class tells history through a different point of view, which puts a lot of ideas into perspective. Also, having two professors teach at once is something new, and actually quite exciting and engaging. Not to mention, both professors are extremely funny. -Montse Lopez


3. PHIL 186 – Professional and Business Ethics

Fulfills GE Area S

This is a painless class in which you learn about ethical theories that you can apply in any industry. You can take this class online, saving you hours of sitting in class; you can simply do the work in your own time in the comfort of your own home. There’s not too much work required. For the most part, there’s assigned readings (usually about a different theory about ethics) every week. The readings are accompanied by a short, open-note online quiz and making one online comment in the weekly discussion on Canvas. There’s a final paper at the end, but it’s not difficult because it requires almost no additional research or peer-reviewed sources besides the assigned readings. This was my experience for a specific professor for the online course last year, so experiences may vary if you take a different professor or in-class lecture. -Johnny Nguyen

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4. KIN 38 – Beginning Jogging

Fulfills 1 unit of PE requirement

Do you want to exercise by running or jogging? Take KIN 38 to get your body back in shape! Pace yourself and jog to get fit and active. Listen to music while you jog to keep your energy up! It provides a good chance to catch up on the latest songs out there. -Kevin Phan


Of course, one of the best ways to catch up on the latest and greatest songs is to tune in to KSJS. And of course we’re now going to recommend you sign up for KSJS.


5. RTVF 121 – KSJS General Meeting

Fulfills upper-division elective credit

Whether you’re learning ProTools with the Production department, setting up artist meet-and-greets with the Promotions department, snapping photos for the Social Media department, being the cameraman at SJSU sports games, or going to shows and writing album reviews for the music departments, there’s something for everyone at the best college radio station around. And if you want to get certified to be a DJ, register for RTVF 21 as well! Feel free to reach out with any questions you have.


6. KIN 8 – Scuba Diving

Fulfills 1 unit of PE requirement

Yes! We offer this! This 2-unit P.E. class will give you a ton of bang for your buck since private scuba lessons cost so much more than the class. Instructor Frank Barry is super knowledgeable and he is the second instructor since the program was created in the 80s. The first half of class will be a lecture followed by pool time where you’ll learn skills. All you’ll need to purchase for the class: the PADI certification textbook and personal gear (mask, snorkel, fins) which you’ll bring to every class. Everything else you’ll need is provided by the Scuba program. Overall, Frank makes the class fairly simple and straightforward, but if you’re struggling with a specific drill there are a handful of friendly TAs there in the pool to support you. To pass the class you’ll need to take a multiple choice final and a 15-minute pool final. If you’ve ever been interested in recreational diving, I highly suggest you take advantage of this hidden gem! -Sydney Torrens

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7. TA 5 – Acting

Fulfills GE Area C1

Have you ever wanted to become an actor or actress? If yes, then TA 5 is the class for you! If not, then TA 5 STILL might be the class for you! Even if you have no desire to become an actor or actress, TA 5 is a very easy course that helps you get out of your comfort zone, learn more about the arts and develop your public speaking. -Emily Dunn


8. MCOM 72 – Media & Society

Fulfills GE Area D3

Advocates, political activists and those alike, this is one of the most rewarding and influential classes you can take for a D3 requirement. This class forces you to be engaged with politics, entertainment and more. Something significant about this class is the mindset that you can discover within yourself from learning so much about what is happening in the world around you. It can be challenging breaking out of your bubble, but it’s worth it. – Ruth Noemi Aguilar

Night Television Tv Theme Machines


9. LING 123 – Sound & Communication

Fulfills GE Area R

If you are looking for a class to fulfill the Area R requirement, take Ling 123! A simple class curriculum compared to many of the other options, such as science, physics, etc. You will learn about sound & communication in animals and humans. Details about evolution in species and how we came about physically and communication wise. Informative class that involves a very small work load! If you decide to take this course, take it with Reiko! She has the semester planned out, straight forward, so you know what you need to do in order to pass the class. -Julia Gaona


10. DANC 10 – Dance Appreciation

Fulfills GE Area C1

This is a chill class in which you learn about the history of dance in the western world. You don’t actually dance yourself, the class mainly consists of sitting in a chair for about 2.5 hours a week while the lecturer talks and shows you videos about western dance. The textbook is rather thin, so it doesn’t take much time to read the assigned chapters. All the tests should be multiple choice; in addition, there are several papers (opinion essays, no peer-reviewed research articles required) and you must attend a few concerts. Western dance is a fun and colorful subject to learn about, and the dance concerts are surreal and cool to watch. -Johnny Nguyen

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11. METR 12 – Global Warming

Fulfills GE Area B1

Are you interested in climate? Want to know more about the weather? Awesome, take METR 12! You get to examine the past, present and future climates. You will also get to see the examination of global warming and mitigation strategies. -Ashley Gonzalez


12. GEOL 111 – Geology and the Environment

Fulfills GE Area R

If you’re looking for an somewhat easy GE class but still want to make sure you are learning and getting your money’s worth, this is the class to take. It can be challenging at times but not in an impossible manner. All of the tests are online and there are three sections of worksheets  due throughout the semester. If you wait till the absolute last minute it will be a lot of work but the teacher gives you so much time anyone can complete them. There is one group project that is super easy as well. -Hailey Rodriguez

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What did we miss? Share your recommendations and experiences in the comments below! And if you need some background music as you sift through your potential classes, we can help you out at 90.5 FM or with our online streaming!

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