17 Songs to Listen to in the Rain

Maybe it’s pouring outside, maybe it’s sprinkling. Regardless, it sometimes seems that the precipitation has a magical way of evoking strong emotions from within one’s soul.

The KSJS social media team has compiled this array of sounds for your rainy days and nights — hang your umbrella up to dry and dive into these tracks that sonically succeed in complementing a storm.

1. “Rainy Day Loop” by Sales

Rainy Day Loop really is the perfect slow and soothing song for a dreary day. Lauren Morgan’s echoey vocals and the consistent percussion beat throughout the entire song gives it a more upbeat feeling than most of SALES’ music. I definitely restart the song multiple times just to listen to the guitar intro specifically over and over. -Kerenna Samynathan

2. “Maybes” by Giraffage

San Jose native, Charlie Yin, better known as Giraffage, is a multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer known and praised for his incredibly unique sound and production style. He blends many different forms of electronic music, most notably synthwave, ambient, future bass and chillwave and infuses his songs with myriad unconventional sounds and textures.

This proclivity for incorporating a vast array of sonic flavors into his work allows for him to create his signature moody, atmospheric compositions. This is on full display in his song “Maybes” off his 2017 record ‘Too Real.’ The song lends itself as a very ambient chillwave track with very soft, peaceful synthesizers laying the groundwork. The serene chord progression mixed with the sedated vocals of Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner make for a very longing and peaceful ambiance.

This sense of bittersweet euphoria that Yin is able to convey so strongly through this song is perfect for getting way deep into those feelings when the weather has got you a little bit down. And if you find yourself going a little too deep, just watch the music video. It’ll cheer you up. Stevie S. Diesel

3. “World$tar Money” by Joji

Joji was originally a comedian and broke out on Youtube with his Filthy Frank character. However, in late 2017 he announced he would stop producing comedy due to mental health concerns. He has focused on making music since.

This ukulele propelled track may seem like a cliche love song on the surface but when you examine the lyrics Joji is questioning his mental stability. I think he does a great job making a depressing song sound very melodic and peaceful. The song is named after the background noise in the beginning which is sampled from a Worldstar HipHop video. Personally I find this song soothing, especially when the weather gets gloomy. -Aik

4. “Paris in the Rain” by Lauv

This song has the name rain in it so it already gives off some rainy day vibes. After going mainstream with his track, “I Like Me Better,” Lauv has been taking over the charts. He does have a bunch of hidden hits like “Paris in the Rain”, though. When I go to Paris, I hope it rains so that way I can say I was in Paris in the rain and play this song in the background. -Monique

5. “Suitcase” by Jacob Lee

Do you have a special someone you’re working hard for, and you happen to be driving in the rain thinking about them? Then, this song is definitely for those couples out there who are driving in the rain thinking about someone they love.

I absolutely enjoy hearing the sudden guitar riff as Jacob sings out loud – the shift from quiet singing on how work life needs to be prioritized over his love to a burst of desire to be with her is definitely thrilling to hear in the rain. The best part is that this is a duet and I have a soft spot for duets! I love hearing “Suitcase” in the rain, but if the song does seem to be slow-paced; there’s a nightcore version of this song that makes the song more of a rock version. I personally like listening to the nightcore version, but the impact of the lyrics are best to hear in the rain. -Patricia Wong

6. “Stormy Weather (Flip) W/ Elizatwinkies” by TKYO GRL

This is a good song when you’re thinking about people you miss. It has a lo-fi feel to it with really good vocals. The song was originally a piano instrumental that was sung by various artists since 1933. This gives an old tune new life, sung with a simple beat in the background that makes you feel melancholic emotions. -Kenzo Chua

7. “Raincoat (ft. Kira Kosarin) [Acoustic]” by Timeflies

Timeflies is an indie-pop-with-occasional-rap duo from Boston, and I am absolutely obsessed with how they transformed their mischievously romantic electronic single into the bittersweet acoustic melody featured here. Who knew that forgetting a raincoat could lead to such sensualities and regret? Cal Shapiro and Kira Kosarin’s voices melt together, and the vivid storytelling will have you daydreaming through a window covered in droplets of nostalgia, contemplating the star-crossed love of your life. Or maybe not. Whether your life is a melodrama filled with doomed romance or not, this song is a rainy day essential. -K-3PO

8. “Between Us (Direct Remix)” by Elènne

I had never heard this song until I randomly put some random playlist on Spotify on and I ended up really liking it. It is very calming and soothing, yet has a nice, fun beat to it. It is somewhat romantic and “ravey” and really makes you want to just go for a long drive by the beach and look out your window and see rain, or even lie in bed at night and contemplate your life decisions — whatever it may be, this song is vibey and mysterious and I like it. It even says in the lyrics “Maybe, we can keep it a secret.” What’s the secret? A relationship? A lie? Who knows, but the vibes of the song made me want to just get into my car and drive. -E Milli


“NIGHT” is the eighth track on Paris’s debut album, ‘ONE NIGHT IN PARIS.’ This song actually caught my attention when I saw PARIS as an opener for the Post Malone concert at Shoreline Amphitheater. And the song was so catchy that after the concert I had to hear his whole album.

While listening to his album I found out he is a local emo rapper from Redwood, California. But the reason I’m recommending this song as a rainy day vibe would be because the the song makes you actually want to be in the rain and makes you feel as your heart was ripped out by someone you loved. -DJ TNITE

10. “Our Time 2 Shine” [Acoustic] by Generationals

Generationals is a New Orleans new wave duo with a completely fun and poppy sound. This acoustic version of their song “Our Time 2 Shine” is perfect for rainy weather because it provides uplifting melodies and catchy lyrics, but with a garage band quality. When I’m stuck inside bored out of my mind during rainy season, I tend to try to fill up my time trying to be creative; whether that is playing the guitar, shooting with my camera, or playing video games. I believe this song and video captures that perfectly with the low production video quality and super catchy lyrics. The vocals bouncing/echoing off of the walls, the makeshift stage, and fun melodies all reminds me of trying to fill up time while stuck inside due to rain. -Mikhail Mamaradlo

11. “drop pop candy (English Cover)” by Kuraiinu + JubyPhonic

In this duet between JubyPhonic and Kuraiinu, the two take us on a date in the rain together. The upbeat and perky sound always makes me smile when I am feeling down, especially on days when the sun isn’t out. The couple in drop pop candy is not afraid to be out and about even in the weather if it means they get to be together. In fact, they use the rain as a way to get closer to each other. Combine  the adorable lyrics with JubyPhonic and Kuraiinu’s voices and you can’t help but want to jump into the next puddle you see! -Jacqueline Friedland

12. “Anvil” by Lorn

This is an artist that I was recently introduced to. This song is so tranquil and neutral-vibed that I definitely can see it as a rainy day music choice. This song’s actual intention is really about the future and what it may become one day in regards to existence. There are no lyrics. But even without that story, the music and video production have a cinematic quality. Definitely gives you feels, however you decide to let the music affect you. -Julia Gaona

13. “Evangeline” by Angels of Light

Angels of Light is the side project of legendary Swans frontman Michael Gira, formed in 1997. Despite showing a lot of sonic and thematic diversity throughout their discography, the group is predominantly a gothic/neofolk project releasing everything from epic western ballads to gritty gothic barnburners very reminiscent of Swans themselves.

“Evangeline” is the opening track off their 2001 album ‘How I Loved You.’ It features a deeply slow cadence, ambient acoustic guitar, peaceful strings and a multitude of instrumental textures, which are accompanied by Gira’s warm, dominant vocals. The track starts off very reserved and gradually builds into an epic serenade.

To me, this song just evokes such an intense sense of hope. It makes me think of the beauty of what’s to come after the storm no matter what kind of storm it maybe, whether it’s literal or metaphorical. If you need a spacey, uplifting track to accompany the patter of the rain hitting your window, this is a solid option. Stevie S. Diesel

14. “Hawaiian Boi” by Triathalon

Throughout the entirety of “Hawaiian Boi,” there is a rushing sound of rain. The guitar strumming pattern reminds me of Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra. Fun but very mellow, the lyrics and soft vocals fall into the background and kind of melt into the music. I could see myself driving down rainy streets at home listening to this song, maybe on my way to get a bagel. -Kerenna Samynathan

15. “Get You The Moon” (feat Snøw) by Kina

This song popped up on my phone ironically when it was actually raining outside and not going to lie, it made me simp a little bit, but I also really liked the vibe of it. It is the type of song to make you really just sit there and think about either life or that “one person” that for some annoying reason always comes across your mind.

It makes you look back on someone you either once loved or still love. It says “You gave me a shoulder when I needed it/You showed the love when I wasn’t feeling it/You helped me fight when I was giving in/You made me laugh when I was losing it,” and that really hit deep. Although it is a song about the moon and not the rain, it is definitely worth listening to late at night while lying in bed, watching the rain drip down your window. -E Milli

16. “She Changes the Weather” by Swim Deep

I saw these guys open up for The 1975 a few years ago and they sure were a treat to listen to. “She Changes the Weather” is a song that will have you feeling super emotional. The song is all about love and the loss of it and it talks about the weather as a metaphor (and since this blog post is all about music in the rainthey can relate pretty hard). My favorite part of the song is the instrumentals. -Monique

17. “I fall in love too easily” by Chet Baker

I really like the jazzy feel of this song. It has a good light beat in the background and is slow for dancing. The music makes me feel like there’s nobody else in my room and it reminds me of love stories. The song is very light, but feels emotionally heavy with the words and passion played in every breath of each instrument used. Definitely a good song to listen to when you’re alone at home looking out at the window while it’s raining. -Kenzo Chua

What are your go-to rainy day songs? Tell us in the comments below, and be sure to tune in to 90.5 FM or listen online for daily underground vibes.

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