Boombox Cartel was quite commendable

On Friday, March 1, some of our Electronic department attended the Boombox Cartel at City National Civic — check out what they had to say about it below!

Photo by Sam Richardson

This past Friday I had the pleasure of attending the Boombox Cartel concert at the Civic Center in San Jose. The show was exhilarating as Mr. Cartel is a great performer.

His music entailed a wonderful mixture of trance as well as hardstyle EDM. He gets the crowd exhilarated in a way unlike what I’ve seen with most DJs. It was very interesting because he didn’t speak much (if at all), but his music and theatrics demanded the crowd’s attention.

In my opinion this is the mark of a true musical genius — one might classify him as the Chris Lake of EDM.

His theatrics were completely next level as well. The screen behind his elevated stage was filled with noir style graffiti art at times.

In other instances he utilized red lighting as well as fog machines which seemed to almost surround him in a cloud of smoke.

I would definitely recommend seeing this man perform if given the chance. -Sam Richardson

Photo by Daniel Judkins

Last Friday I was able to go to the Boombox Cartel concert at the Civic Center in downtown San Jose. The LA based DJ put on an amazing show mixing many different electronic styles seamlessly. Whether you’re an avid EDM fan or just a casual listener, it’d be hard not to enjoy his set.

During this concert he did not do much talking whatsoever, unlike most DJs, instead letting the music and visuals do the talking for him.

The visuals were amazing, from the lights and lasers to the interesting video clips edited with a dizzying effect. It really enhanced the music and mood in the venue.

Overall the experience was so much fun and one should definitely see Boombox Cartel if they get the chance, he’s an incredible DJ and performer. -Daniel Judkins

Photo by Daniel Judkins

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