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On the day of Irish celebration (St. Patrick’s Day), I had the opportunity of seeing Fisher perform outside The Great Northern in San Francisco. Fisher is a well-known house artist. He puts on a great show and is a wonderful performer.

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Photo by Sam Richardson

Rumor has it that he receives most of his music from friend and collaborator Chris Lake who “ghost produces” for Fisher. This leaves Fisher free to dance around on stage and interact with the crowd while pretending to turn a dial here and there.

The show was high energy and fun, people were having a great time all around, in fact, there were people from all around the world there.

Fisher was the closer on a day-long festival that included food trucks, drinks by the gallon and many other great artists.

The one downside to this was that it was bright outside during his set and I’ve come to the conclusion that techno and house environments are best suitable for a darker atmosphere. -Sam Richardson

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