Kilo Kish Made Our Wishes Come True

Looking for an artist with high energy and creativity? Well then Kilo Kish is your girl.

I had the pleasure of seeing her perform at the Regency Ballroom on March 26. Her concert was an art piece. From the mesmerizing lights to the high energy she maintained on stage, down to the clothes (more like a costume) she was wearing, she never failed to make my jaw drop.

Kilo Kish
Photo by Jessica Sadler

The bassline of her electronica music made the entire venue shake, and got everyone up and grooving. She was constantly jumping around on stage, and you could tell that she could feel the music and let it consume her. When she played her single “Elegance” released in 2018, she made the lights flash red and blue like a police siren. She wore what looked to be a colonial-style white dress and it made her seem doll-like.

Kilo Kish was the opener for the band Wet — who also put on a captivating show. However, we got to enjoy the artistic vision of Kilo Kish for over an hour, which seemed like a concert in itself.  

The lights changed for almost every song, which set the mood for what we were listening to. That’s part of the beauty of concerts. We already know what the music sounds like, but a good artist can bring it to life in live performances, and that’s exactly what Kilo Kish did. -Jessica Sadler

Photo by Jessica Sadler

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