You could say Space Jesus was out-of-this-world

How do I even begin to describe Space Jesus…he’s one of those “If you know, you know” kind of things. I had the pleasure of seeing him live for the first time on April 6th at the Catalyst.

Photo by Jessica Sadler

Let me begin by saying the Catalyst was the perfect venue for him. This man has played main stages at EDC but this small venue allowed him to bond with the crowd and speak to us as if we are lifelong friends.

Most DJs come out on stage and immediately get into their set–but not Space Jesus.  He came wandering out, his long, Jesus-like hair flowing, and grabbed a microphone.

He began to talk with us casually and welcomed us to the Temple of Noom (the title of his tour). The second he began his set I knew I was in for a ride. Let’s just say the name Space Jesus suits him very well.

Photo by Jessica Sadler

He dropped the trippiest beats with face-melting bass. Not to mention his visuals were 3D, HD, and blew my mind. They paired perfectly with whatever song he was dropping.

I’ve been listening to Space Jesus for a while and I was hoping he’d drop his single “M. Night Shambhala” from 2016. My friend got to see him drop it live at EDC and ever since she showed me, I knew that was on my concert bucket list. Sure enough, he dropped it and I lost it.  

It was more incredible than I ever could have imagined because I was so close to him. I got to see him standing there in person which is something I’ll never forget. 10/10. -Jessica Sadler

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Photo by DGent

Space Jesus played at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz on April 4, 2019. Accompanied by DJs Huxley Anne and Buku. The crowd was electrified with soft Dubstep, heavy womps, and a vibey bass that made the small venue worth attending. The concert was a 16+ event and gave Space Jesus an opportunity to expand his influence over the Bay Area.

My personal experience of the concert was an overall good time. Buku, a more underground DJ, definitely put his name out there and in my opinion performed better than the headliner Space Jesus, all in all the show was a good time for everyone. -DGent

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Photo by DGent

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