Exploring the new SJSU Spartan Recreation and Aquatic Center

The new SJSU SRAC (Spartan Recreation and Aquatic Center) is finally open! Some of our KSJSers have been taking full advantage of it, and we wanted to share our favorite parts about it. Read on to learn more about this state-of-the-art facility right on campus! And of course, you can totally tune in to KSJS while you’re spending some time there.

At the new SJSU Aquatic Center I got to relax away the day’s stress by the recreational pool. Unlike the lap pool, it is a lot shallower and more people are there to have fun rather than purely do laps.

After using one of the 5 ft lanes in the pool to do a few leisurely laps, I decided to relax in one of the adjustable beach chairs on the side of the pool. It was nice to kick back and watch the people around me play with volleyballs in impromptu games of water polo or use the basketball hoop set up to score some hoops.

The one piece of advice I would give to a new pool goer is to remember not to dive in the recreational pool. It is not as deep as the lap pool so the life guards are extra vigilant. While you may not be able to literally dive in, this is the best part of the pools to have fun with your friends!

Rec Pool Rec

I knew that the Aquatic Center was going to have a pool but imagine my surprise when I turned a wrong corner and found an indoor soccer field! The MDA (Multi-Dimensional Arena) was all set up and ready for a pick up game to begin. All that was needed was a ball  and to have one of the workers unlock the space for you.

The walls allow for not only the ball to stay contained within the field but also for some creative game play. After all, there are no outs and bouncing it off the wall is not illegal. If you were worried about how the goals would work, they are set into the wall themselves with the same depth as the ones in an outdoor field. Just without the grass to set off your allergies. -Jacqueline Friedland

Indoor Soccer Rec

The brand new Spartan Recreation & Aquatic Center is beautiful! One of my favorite things about the space is the rock climbing wall they have to your right side once you enter. I’ve never done indoor rock climbing before so it was a cool experience.

They also have a brand new basketball court center which is super spacious! Instead of using the Spartan Gym or the Spartan Complex, My friends and I have been coming to the new SRAC during our gaps to shoot some hoops before class starts. Since I’ll be graduating this semester, I’m sad I won’t be able to use it as much, but I’m glad other students will have the opportunity to use it.

Take advantage of these recreation services, they are free to use since they are a part of our tuition. Don’t sleep on this awesome place! -Monique

Unnamed 1

Have you ever wanted to run indoors for exercise? Need a running track that is wide enough for racing others? At San Jose State’s Aquatic Center, they have an blue running track that is literally upstairs. The track encircles above the basketball court, and frankly, who wouldn’t want to run around on this track?

I have seen a few people use this track to get their daily jog on right, and the track has ample space for running with others. If one were to even hate running outdoors, the Aquatic Center’s track is perfect for exercise inside. Have fun! -DJ Clover

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Have you visited the SRAC yet? Share your favorite parts in the comments below!

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