Laughing. Crying. Dancing. MGMT.

Yes, those guys that did “Electric Feel.” MGMT put on quite the show on May 2. Read our KSJSers’ reviews here!

Photo by Jessica Sadler

MGMT is a band that is rarely found on tour, so getting the chance to see them at the Fox Theater in Oakland was once in a lifetime. I’ve been an avid listener since 2008, shortly after their first album release which featured their most popular song “Electric Feel.”

Let me tell you, when “Electric Feel” began the entire theatre shook like an earthquake. Everyone was singing and dancing along.This concert was just as mesmerizing as I imagined it would be.  

Their visuals included clips from released music videos and a reflective disco ball that made the theatre look like it was covered in stars.

They opened up with my personal favorite “When You Die” which had me screaming at the top of my lungs (lost my voice shortly after).

Lead singer Andrew Vanwyngarden’s vocals sounded just like the recorded version and it absolutely blew my mind.

I laughed. I cried. I danced. It was everything I hoped it would be and more.

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Photo by Jessica Sadler

MGMT’s opener, Warpaint, was an all-female band that was good enough to headline.  

They were rockin’ enough to get the crowd excited, but calm enough to not wear out our energy.  It was pretty cool to see an entirely female band since the music industry is highly dominated by males.  

I hope to see Warpaint again soon–next time on their own tour. -Jessica Sadler

Photo by Drianne Pantoja

I attended the MGMT concert with my boyfriend at the Fox Theatre in Oakland last week, and it was a great time from the minute the music started playing.

The first song was called “Heads Up” by Warpaint (the opening band), and it got everyone pumped up with its fun– yet moody downtempo rock. The bass was extremely clear in this song which was also really nice listening to since it isn’t there so much in the recorded version. I gained a lot more respect for this band than I already had, especially because they really engaged with the audience.

After their performance, MGMT came out and played a lot of their current album’s song, which was also fun. I was more stoked to listen to their throwback songs however. When they brought back their songs such as “Siberian Breaks,” “Flash Delirium,” “Of Moons Birds & Monsters,” etc., I was really enjoying it then.

These older songs were so much more interesting to me personally because they are more artistic and less pop (although I love “Electric Feel” and “Time to Pretend” nonetheless). The concert revealed their colorful and free spirited selves with the shiny hanging disco ball above our heads, the multi-colored lights, and of course their funky varietal tunes. I would definitely recommend seeing MGMT to anyone who considers it! Drianne Pantoja

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Photo by Drianne Pantoja

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