12 Songs for Warm Spring Nights

You’re driving in your car with the windows down on a warm spring evening. You need some tunes to get the feeling right. Luckily for you, your good friends at KSJS have compiled a wonderful left-of-center soundtrack for your adventures. And this is it. This is the list. Enjoy.

1. “Momento” by Mambo Brothers

It’s 80 degrees, the sun is beating down on you. It’s the start of a long weekend. You’ve finished all your school work and you don’t have work for once. There’s no traffic on the streets, you’re in your red Miata with the top down, going through the gears with a big grin on your face, going down the twisty back roads with a nice view of the scenery. You got your Hawaiian shirt on, you’re wearing shades, your skin is getting lightly toasted, the sun is setting, the sky is orange and this song is playing in the background. Life is good and so is this song. This song represents the vibe of Ibiza which is basically suns out, guns out and partying to house music. It pays homage to famous Cafe Mambo, where the legends in the electronic music scene go to play. -PRT

2. “Wannabe” by why mona

I know, this is definitely a cover of the famous “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls, but this version is so much more electronic and bass-oriented than the classic everyone thinks of. This is one of those songs that sounds the best in the car, with the bass pounding throughout your seat, the wind blasting in your face, it’s as if you’re really in the studio. It is one of those songs, at least for me, that makes me want to dance, but not to the point that I’m moving my feet, maybe a little head movement. Not just this song, but most of why mona’s portfolio is addicting, from her cover of “We Will Rock You” by Queen, to “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees. -Kat

3. “Blue Coupe” by Twin Peaks

This song is the best representation of the pleasant optimism that can be brought on by the changing of seasons. When you feel most like you want to move on, an evening drive with this song blasting in your car will surely put you in the headspace for personal transformation. Whether you’re riding in a blue coupe, riding your bike through the city, or just out for a stroll, Twin Peaks has you covered. You’ll feel your spirits lift and your steps lighten after listening. “Every time I take a look at the skyline it makes me feel better.” –Kei H.

4. “Vibrations” by Roy Ayers

Whenever I hear Roy Ayers’ music it makes me think of springtime. It’s soft and full of warmth. The funk, soul, and jazz composer perfectly created a song that fuses jazz and funk together to make a peaceful and hypnotic song. All of the instruments have such a warm and lifelike sound to them, and the female background vocals literally sing “good vibrations.” This really is a timeless track from Ayers and it makes me want to go for a drive with the windows down in some warm weather. -Ronin

5. “Up Against Me” By LP

It’s dark out, you and a friend are driving the hills outside of the city, the road illuminated by the cars headlights. You’ve had a long day, but this song just brings that little bit of tired happiness that you have left out as you sing this song however you want: as a cheesy duet, as a fun anthem, as a soft love song. “Up Against Me” is flexible like that. It’s soft and poppy, but it also fits within the context of the night. The album that it’s from, Lost on You, was written after a break up, so while the song may sound like it is about a fresh love, it may be about the fantasies that you have after a break up, about how good it was when it was good, how soft and safe it was. So while it is a great song to sing at the top of your lungs as the world around you becomes more green and vibrant, it is also just at home in the dark, remembering what you had. – Evan Mendoza

6. “Tea Time” by Chance Thrash

This is a pretty short song, but it really exudes a calm feeling that I usually get when I’m at a park drinking some nice tea looking at the trees and flowers bloom. I think of afternoon drives where I’m at the back of the car playing some Pokemon Red on my GameBoy Color back in the Philippines. Rays of sun would stream on my face while the AC is blowing a chilly air. The excitement I feel from just getting back home from a long day from school and just lying on my bed having nothing to do for the rest of the day. 

7. “Never Alone” by Coone

After a long, beating week of studying, work, and procrastinating on daily life, the lo-ong weekend finally comes. You and your crew decide to turn up to Los Angeles for an awesome rave, so you hit the scenic US-101 South, going through some of the best scenery in the west. You’re close to Los Angeles, jamming to West Coast vibes in warm weather. As soon as you go past Gaviota, the iconic West Coast hits you. Most certainly you can’t wait to turn up to Santa Monica beach, have some ice cream by the calm waves. It is just you and your friends there. As soon as the sun sets, you’re too hesitant to wait for the music to come to you, so you turn on some music of the night and the synths and sounds remind you why you’re in the best spot on the West Coast for beaches and EDM. This song, made by Dutch Hardstyle DJ and Producer Coone, reminds an international audience of the vibes of a California sunset while pumping up the energy and overall creating an unforgettable sound that shakes vibes to the core, building them up to a higher state. – MC Delta-T

8. “Navajo” by Masego

This is a song for a warm spring evening in the city. When I hear this song, I picture driving through a big city with the windows down and my hair blowing in the wind. There are a few cars on the road, but nothing too crazy. Everyone is just relaxing and enjoying the fact that winter is over and it’s time to go on more adventures without worrying about what the weather will be like. –Katie D.

9. “Away We Go” by Bad Suns

This song from the L.A. indie boys of Bad Suns was practically made for driving on clear warm spring nights. Lead singer Christo Bowman sings about romantic nights of dancing, passion and connection, and by the end of the chorus he quite literally proposes, “Let’s get on the road.” Based on this brief description, does the tune seem a little cliche? Maybe. Regardless, it’s a song that demands to be sung at the top of your lungs with the wind running through your hair and the moon reflecting off your teeth as you smile as widely and brightly as you possibly can. And when indie rock is this wholesome, soaring and full of hope, you should definitely crank it up and take the scenic route home. -K-3PO

10. “Dumb” by George Clanton

Experimental music artist, George Clanton, formerly known as ESPIRIT, stretches out from his vaporwave music to create something new. The song opens with a warm electric guitar riff played by Clanton as he softly sings over his tune. Clanton’s lyrics remind the audience of his new music and as his lyrical debut, using his singing to keep the tune alive. The song is a relaxed and fun song that brings pure energy to Clanton’s new aesthetic of music. Coming from the album, “Slide”, Clanton keeps you bumping on a spring day, finishing the song with a perfect transition into “Blast Off” keeping the beat consistent and delivering the best outro of his career. I am looking forward to seeing where Clanton’s career takes him, as he dives into new themes of music. – DJ Fry Guy

11. “Your Shirt” by Chelsea Cutler
If you like flowy melodies, chill vibes and listening to songs about heartbreak, Chelsea Cutler is for you. Her voice alone just gives off some serious goosebumps. “Your Shirt” is off Chelsea’s debut EP, Snow in October (released in 2017). It’s all about missing your previous partner while wishing you didn’t. Chelsea sings about how she’s got on her partner’s shirt, wishing that she still had them. Those who’ve ever been through a break-up while missing their previous partner can definitely relate to this specific song. -Monique M 

12. “I Want it All” by Bonnie McKee

The strong electronic sounds mixed with the ever present thump of the drums combined makes a jam like no other. McKee’s voice has that growl to it that sends shivers down your spine. With a simple start, you can’t help but grin once the shouting kicks in at the chorus. Every time this song comes up in my rotation, I crank the volume and roll down the windows. That way everyone can hear me when I start belting out the lyrics. -Jacqueline Friedland

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