8 Instagram-worthy spots on the SJSU campus

Sometimes we take the gorgeous parts of the SJSU campus for granted. But we can take some pretty aesthetically pleasing photos in those spots. Maybe even aesthetically pleasing enough to post all over your social media pages. Some of these places might be totally expected, others might give you a little chuckle. Either way — get ready to pull out your camera or phone and start posting your San Jose State art.

1. El Paseo de Cesar E. Chavez (In front of the SU)

No matter the weather, this spot right outside the Student Union will never let you down because of its rows of palm trees and the excitement of SJSU organizations tabling. This is the heart of the SJSU campus and what better place to take you dad and force him to smile in his SJSU sweater that you bought him. Thanks, Dad. -DJ Dippin

Img 5934

2. Campus Village B Clock Tower

This location is great for all of your time based pun needs. A cool caption would be something like, “TIME to graduate haha.”

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3. Panda Express

The most popular place to buy food on campus is Panda Express. There are many like it but this one belongs to us Spartans. The lines can be long, but the wait is worth it after a longs day’s worth of homework. -Kenzo Chua

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4. Spartan Rose Garden
Want to see beautiful flowers and roses on campus? The Spartan Rose Garden is for you. It’s a peaceful area and great for photos! It’s not too crowded either, so take all the photos you want! -Monique

Img 0432 E1560135947810

5. Smith and Carlos Statue (In front of Clark Hall)

Take a selfie with Tommie Smith and John Carlos during this historic moment! After they finished their 200 meter event in the 1968 Olympics, both men raised their fist which some can assume to be “black power” but really it was their “human rights” salute. In fact, Tommie Smith, John Carlos, and Peter Norman (the Australian who came in second place) wore “Human Rights” badges on their jackets. All three men stood for more than themselves. -DJ Dippin

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6. Small Waterfall Outside the SU

It’s right next to the ramp outside the SU, but I am always mesmerized by how such a small thing can catch my eye. It may be a simple display, but it gives our campus a more modern and cool feel. -Kenzo Chua

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7. SJSU Fountain Near the Event Center

Awesome tall palm trees, neat fountain (that sometimes works) and the Event Center all in the background. What’s not to like about the spot? Wide open area great for taking photos. -Monique

Img 0590

8. Tower Lawn (In front of Science Building)

The Tower Hall is epic and holds the most seats in a lecture class, which might bring bad memories of CHEM 30, but its beauty is impeccable. The orange details match that of the green and blue tiles. With this location there will be no need for a filter, and it’s best when the model in your photo has that fake laugh making it seem like it’s a candid. -DJ Dippin

Img 5943

Another iconic part of SJSU? Well, that’s KSJS! Tune in to the station at 90.5 FM or listen online!

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