KSJS relies almost solely on underwriting sponsorships from generous donors in order to maintain station operations; without funds generated through a variety of underwriting avenues like fund-raisers, show sponsorships and basic under written commercials, KSJS would barely be able to operate.

No donation is too small or too large; we welcome both individual contributions and large corporate donations. If you would like to donate, please contact us.


Tax Write-Off
KSJS is a non-profit organization owned by the state and operated by SJSU students; therefore, all contributions to our station are tax deductible.

Your donation is much less expensive than what a conventional commercial radio station would charge to have your name mentioned.

No Strings Attached
KSJS offers low cost sponsorship with no hidden charges. We pay for all production; that is, we will write, voice, produce and market your radio spots for no additional charge.

Community Awareness
Build an identity with the community by using the power of radio through the KSJS voice. Underwriting and PSA sponsorship creates community awareness of your business.

Further Education
All income supports the radio instruction program. KSJS gives students the opportunity to get real experience working for a real broadcast station. Sponsorship shows ties with SJSU and the support of student activities and the arts.

Alternative Sponsorship
You don’t have to give us money. We need supplies and services too. A trade-out can be arranged.

For further information on donating to the station at an individual or corporate level, please contact our General Manager, Nick Martinez at 408-924-4549