KSJS welcomes students, faculty and staff from all majors and departments throughout the SJSU campus to join the station for invaluable experience and just plain fun. The station provides the opportunity to work in a variety of creative and business settings including: marketing, production, broadcasting, management, promotions and music.

In order to be involved with KSJS, whether student or non-student, you are required to enroll in San Jose State University courses. KSJS is housed in the Theatre Arts Department where you would enroll in either RTVF 121 or RTVF 21. These courses provide the background necessary in order to complement your participation in KSJS.

At the time you join KSJS, you are classified as either a student, alumnus or volunteer. All participants must take at least one unit of KSJS per semester. If you are unsure of which classification you fit into, please peruse the descriptions below:

Full-Time or Part Time Students, Faculty or Staff
A student who has successfully completed the Introductory classes and who is registered for at least one unit of KSJS and works at least one hundred and fourteen (114) hours per semester is considered a full or part-time student.

Alumni & Open University Students
A volunteer who is no longer a student but graduated from SJSU is considered an alumnus or a volunteer who is registered for one to three units of KSJS through open university is considered a non-matriculating volunteer.

If you wish to inquire about volunteering your time at KSJS in any of the above capacities, you can fill out the form below for more information.