Jazz has a long history on KSJS, and continues to be an integral part of our music programming.  Jazz on KSJS dates back over 30 years, to the ‘70s, when our weekend programming was devoted to African-American public affairs.  From this grew “The Creative Source”, which was our weekend long jazz block, featuring a strong emphasis on jazz-rock fusion and the latest releases from the up-and-coming artists of that time.

Today, KSJS’ jazz programming is scattered throughout the entire week and includes all genres of jazz: bebop, hard bop, free jazz, avant garde, big band, fusion, swing, post bop, etc., with a particular emphasis on new releases by today’s current artists (the “live” guys! – but always with respect and deference to the Masters), young musicians, local jazz performers – as well as jazz from all round the globe, and new, original compositions.

Our jazz programs also often includes related music such as the Blues and World music.

So, check out the jazz programming on KSJS – this isn’t your parents music! – you just might be surprised by what you hear!