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Getting involved

KSJS welcomes students, faculty and staff from all majors and departments throughout the SJSU campus to join the station for invaluable experience and just plain fun. The station provides the opportunity to work in a variety of creative and business settings including: marketing, production, broadcasting, management, promotions and music.

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Join the KSJS Team!

In order to be involved with KSJS, whether student or non-student, you are required to enroll in San Jose State University courses. KSJS is housed in the Theatre Arts Department where you would enroll in either RTVF 121 or RTVF 21. These courses provide the background necessary in order to complement your participation in KSJS.

At the time you join KSJS, you are classified as either a student, alumnus or volunteer. All participants must take at least one unit of KSJS per semester. If you are unsure of which classification you fit into, please peruse the descriptions below:

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Full-Time or Part Time Students, Faculty or Staff

A student who has successfully completed the Introductory classes and who is registered for at least one unit of KSJS and works at least one hundred and fourteen (114) hours per semester is considered a full or part-time student.

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Alumni & Open University Students

A volunteer who is no longer a student but graduated from SJSU is considered an alumnus or a volunteer who is registered for one to three units of KSJS through open university is considered a non-matriculating volunteer.

SJSU Radio Courses Associated with KSJS

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This course is an upper-division Radio-TV-Film course but can be taken by students of all levels (FROSH, SOPH, JRs, Srs) from any major across the university. Anyone can take it! No add code needed, just sign up! This is an activity class where you work for our campus radio station in any department you choose (Music, Hip-hop, Latin, World, Jazz, Electronic, Sub-Rock, Business, Promotions, Social Media, Sports, Traffic, etc.) You will get real-world experience that looks great on a resume! We have students from all majors, all over campus, working with our station. Such a great networking opportunity. And really a lot of fun.

Class meets Mondays 6:00-7:00pm in HGH #103
Contact: Professor [email protected] with questions

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This is a lower-division class, but students at all levels take this class, too! RTVF 21 is our ON-AIR DJ TRAINING class. You will learn how to be a DJ, how to run a broadcast studio and all about FCC rules (you will be certified by midterm). Whether you decide to proceed to be on the radio or not is up to you. But this class is easy and lots of fun! NOTE: In order to take this class, you will have to have taken RTVF 121 before or be concurrently enrolled in it. You can take 121 all by itself, however.

Class meets Mondays 7:00-8:00pm in HGH #124
Contact: Professor [email protected] with questions and/or for an add code.

Public Services

If you are a non-profit organization, you can send KSJS details about your operation, events and happenings. We will be more than happy to consider airing a public service announcement for you for free! KSJS may broadcast announcements for non-profit entities only.

  • Send pre-produced spots on CD or other form of electronic media. Make sure to include the script. They must be 30 or 60 seconds only.
  • You may send pre-written scripts to the station. We will edit and produce the PSAs in our production studios.
  • If you do not have either a pre-produced spot or pre-written script, you may go ahead and send a press release or informational fact sheet about your organization.

There are a couple of ways that you can submit your information:

Calling the PSA Director:

E-mailing the info to:
[email protected]

Mailing the info to:
KSJS PSA Submission
Hugh Gillis Hall 132
San Jose, CA 95192-0094

Submit by form:
PSA/PUBLICITY Request form