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Welcome to Ground Zero Radio! We are your ultimate destination for music that ignites passion and fuels the streets. Our pioneering spirit has led us to be the first to introduce legendary artists on air and champion the vibrant Westcoast Hip-Hop and R&B scene. Notably, we proudly claim the distinction of being the first station to broadcast Common and discover talents like Drakeo The Ruler, and Kendrick Lamar, who graced our station with a visit in 2011.

What sets us apart and keeps us at the forefront of the music community is our exceptional team of DJs. Comprising promoters, producers, directors, and artists themselves, their deep involvement in the industry allows us to be a powerful radar for spotting promising artists before they hit the mainstream.

In addition to being a hub for rising talents, the KSJS team actively hosts various events, including meet and greets. In the past, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting phenomenal artists like P-Lo and Daboii.


Tune in to Ground Zero Radio for an immersive musical journey that celebrates the essence of the Westcoast music scene and brings you the hottest tracks and ticket giveaways!

Alex Peña

Alex Peña
Hip-Hop Director


The Subversive Rock (or “sub-rock”) department at KSJS provides listeners with a wide variety of rock music that ranges from all sorts of genres that include (but are not limited to) indie, ska, punk, shoegaze, math rock, skramz, post-punk and hardcore. All of our sub-rock shows cover what’s latest underground and are hosted by DJs that all have their own unique specific tastes. This department is passionately dedicated in providing artists of our scene the ability to share their music. We hold a special spot in our hearts for artists that come from the Bay, especially San Jose, striving to share as many bands as we can from our local scene.

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Sub-rock is so hard to define as it is constantly evolving. I began as a DJ when Espurr was running the department and the scene was just so different. That was only a little over a year ago but I feel like because sub-rock is continuously changing it’s sort of natural for us to be on top of what’s next and new. And once you’re really into it, it’s really cool to see exactly how genres blend, latching themselves with unexpected influences.

Sarah Luu

Sarah Luu
Subrock Director


The KSJS Electronic Department focuses on many forms of genres including Electro, Dance, Glitch, Dirty Dutch, Indie, House, Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Downtempo, New Wave, etc. We seek what hasn’t been heard or overplayed and what commercial radio has not exposed to the general listeners. The music that your cousin Vinny found on a super low key blog that’s most likely been made in someone’s mom’s kitchen yet has 1500 hits a week. We are the department that gives under represented Electronic music artists the opportunity to showcase their talent and give them an outlet that isn’t easily offered.

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The KSJS Electronic music department’s mission statement is too expose modulated hard hitting digital energy with fast aggressive hypnotic tracks.

Vincent Ianelli

Vincent Ianelli
Electronic Director

Jazz/Blues/World Music

Jazz has a long history on KSJS, and continues to be an integral part of our music programming. Jazz on the station dates back over 40 years to the ‘70s! Today our department’s sounds have diversified to often include related music such as Blues and World music.

To many folks the genres may harken back to their traditional roots, and one would not be mistaken. Fortunately we program sounds that build upon the brilliance of past generations, along with plenty of fresh takes that seek to honor those maestros as well. This allows listeners to be at the cutting edge of new music, and new old music too!

With an emphasis on local musicians, coupled with opportunities to score tickets to live shows about The Bay, this department wants to connect you to community sounds.

Get that FM dial to 90.5, or throw “”KSJS”” in your search bar, and let a Jazz/World/Blues show transport you to the past, or the future! We may even present you with tickets to live music too; so, check out the this department’s programming on KSJS. You just might be surprised by what you hear!

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Amazing how what was once old can be new again. Jazz, World and Blues has been paving the way for so many genres that you can now hear the offshoots reenter the main branches!

Lewis Geist

Lewis Geist
Jazz Director


Currently 90.5 KSJS is one of the few stations- if not, the only station- playing the music format of Alternativo en Español throughout San Jose. The name “Alternativo en Español” is an umbrella term used to express other forms of musical genres that are not currently being played in the Bay Area. Under this music department you will find a little of everything. Our music library contains music from local, national, and international artists. Genres within Alternativo include (but not limited to): ska, reggae, punk, rock, electronic, pop, indie, urban, metal, cumbia, and folk. We have interviewed artists like Kinky, Union Cinema, Ana Tijoux, Making Movies, La Santa Cecilia, Ceci Bastida, Porter, La Vida Boheme, y otros mas [and many more].

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The KSJS department is always looking for the what’s new in the underground scene. Our DJ’s play a variety of what’s new, some of the classic b-sides and lesser heard songs that you don’t hear on mainstream radio.

Josue Garcia

Josue Garcia
Latin Director